Rustic Steak Knives (Set of 6)
  • Size - 4 inch blade

These knives are evocative of traditional Spain. They are exactly the same wood handled steak knives which are found as place settings in restaurants, roadside ventas and cafes of Spain - and at family tables throughout the land.

Made by Saez in the centuries old cutlery city of Albacete, you will find these serrated knives to be just the right utensil for family dining: whether you are serving steaks, chicken, chops or grilled fish.

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Customer Reviews

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    "Ever so simple and elegant and finally, a sharp knife."

    Shirley Thomas - Regina, SK

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    "UNBELIEVABLE. Buy this . I'm soo impressed with the quality, endurance & they really really work. These are better than the best steakhouse knives I've used . Buy them! "

    Natasha V. - NYC, NY

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