Colorful 'Flor' Design Serving Bowl - 11 Inches Wide
  • Size - 11 inches wide, 6 inches tall - 12 Cups

This versatile bowl is the end of a long quest for us. We wanted a truly deep bowl, which is hard to find. Not only is it a hand-made artisan piece, it holds over three quarts - more than a half a gallon.

Great for a big crunchy ensalada mixed green salad, gazpacho or hot soups. This bowl is both decorative and very practical.

The 'Flor' patterned bowls will all have this exact pattern, though there will be tiny variations since it is a hand-painted piece. And now this piece is dishwasher safe, blending convenience with hand-painted beauty. Signed by the artist.

(Food safe, lead free.)

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May We Suggest

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