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Garlic Storage Jar

Garlic Storage Jar

Painted by Hand

$23.50 CM-10


  • Beautiful, hand-painted garlic jar
  • Holes allow ventilation
  • Garlic stays fresh and ready to use
  • Hand signed by the artisan
  • Food safe - Lead free - Hand-wash
  • Size - 6 in wide x 5 in tall

This colorful jar adorned in traditional patterns holds four or five garlic bulbs. They stay fresh and ready to use because there are holes in the clay to allow ventilation. At the same time, the bulbs last a long time because the darkness discourages them from sprouting.

What a nice adornment to any kitchen counter, and a great hostess gift. Each jar is made by hand in El Puente del Arzobispo - a town that has been famous for ceramics for centuries. Every dash and detail was painted by hand, never silk screened or printed like cheaper imitations. Each jar is signed by the artisan.

As each piece is hand painted, the designs and colors will vary.

Food safe, lead free, hand wash.

Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews

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Lucy - TINLEY PARK, IL  5 Star Rating
"Beautiful storage jar!! One of a kind, my Spanish grandmother used to have one. When I saw it I had to order it."

Mary Jo French - Phoenix, AZ  5 Star Rating

David Wells - Beach Lake, PA  5 Star Rating
"This garlic jar is awsome since I've been looking for one and pricing them everwhere. La Tienda's is well worth the price.The jar is well made and adds some color to my counter top. "

"This was a gift for my wife. She was elated when she received it. You need no other reason to justify a 5 star rating!"

Denise Bernatchez - Westborough, MA  5 Star Rating

CBGO - Jacksonville, North Carolina  5 Star Rating
"The garlic storage jar is a charming addition to my kitchen. The colors are cheerful and go well with the southwest flavor of the space. The jar is just the right size for three to four large bulbs of garlic and does a good job of keeping them fresh."

Ellie Hackett - Marshfield, Massachusetts  5 Star Rating
"It is a nice hand painted piece typical of Spain."

Country Girl - Blue Ridge, Texas  5 Star Rating
"A beautiful jar for the kitchen counter. It looks great as well as being functional. Very reasonable price too."

profkathleen  5 Star Rating
"Lovely and practical. The colors fit right into my kitchen. I was keeping my garlic on the window sill, where it always dried out. This will help a lot."

Jessica  5 Star Rating
"Beautifully and functional!"

BJ Doliber  5 Star Rating
"a perfect little piece of Espana in my kitchen!"

Felicity  5 Star Rating

Ray Joyce  5 Star Rating
"Fairly priced, looks good, does the job."

klg  5 Star Rating
"A good way to store garlic - dark, dry, low room temperature - and pretty enought that you want to display it."

Anita Park  5 Star Rating
"A cheery addition to the kitchen; colourful, functional, and just the right size!"

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