New Mediterranean Blue Terra Cotta Cazuelas - 4.5 Inches (4 Dishes)
  • Handcrafted cookware
  • Rustic dishes with blue glaze
  • For serving tapas or cooking small portions
  • Safe for oven use with proper care
  • Food safe, lead free
  • Size - 4 x 4 oz/0.5 cup

These delightful small cazuela dishes will add a touch of pizazz to your table! This traditional cooking and serving dish has a bright blue glaze, and is perfect for serving tapas and other small dishes. You can even sizzle shrimp or roast potatoes right in the oven.

Cazuelas are an essential tool in our kitchen, perfect for holding diced herbs or garlic for recipes, or roasted Marcona almonds for a snack.

Our artisan potter in Catalunya forms each cazuela, then adds small handles by hand – called “orejas” in Spain. Both the bright blue glaze and the clear interior glaze are food safe and lead free, perfect for serving your favorite Spanish snack.

Wash your cazuelas by hand and avoid abrasives. Before first use, clean thoroughly. If you wish to use them in the oven, soak them for a few hours, or overnight. When cooking with terra cotta it is essential to avoid big changes in temperature, which could crack your cazuela. Heat slowly and allow to cool completely before washing or adding to the refrigerator.

Our cazuelas come from the town of Breda, where they have been making terra cotta cookware since Roman times. The sturdy terra cotta holds heat, great for keeping meals warm even after the dish is brought to the dining table.

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