Rustic Roman Terra Cotta Cazuelas - 6.5 Inches (4 Dishes)
  • Handmade by skilled artisans
  • Lead-free, food-safe
  • Traditional Roman design
  • Size - 4 x 16 oz -- 2 cups

Talk about tradition...what about rustic cook & serve terra cotta cazuela dishes, known as Cazuelas Valencianas, that replicate classical Roman bowls?

They have the same proportioned design; are made from the same source of clay in the Pyrenees; and are fashioned the same as they were in the time of Julius Caesar!

But these are more than a work of art. These sturdy, rustic Cook & Serve cazuelas are a chef’s best friend when you are cooking in the kitchen with your goal being “Hot things hot”.

What makes them extraordinary is that these terra cotta dishes are made following the classical tradition of “refractory” clay, where the potters blend tiny heat retaining pebbles into the terra cotta clay.

When you bring to the table your piping hot casserole, stew or individual servings of sizzling garlic shrimp, it stays hot for an amazing period of time! And when you serve your ice cold gazpacho or fresh fruit compote – it will stay chilled too.

When you are not cooking, you can use these attractive rustic cazuelas to serve individual portions of cold tapas, olives, almonds, pico bread sticks and more.

These rustic traditional cazuelas are of unparalleled quality. As they are made by hand, the measurements are not exact.

A health note: No need to worry about the glaze on the cazuelas; it contains no lead and is perfectly safe for all applications. Ours is the only potter in Spain that uses photo-atomic analysis to assure that the products are cadmium-free and lead-free. The FDA requirement for a product being “lead-free” is one part per million (PPM). Our cazuelas have less than three hundredths (03) parts per million (PPM).

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May We Suggest

Customer Reviews

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    Sabrina - Terrebonne, Quebec

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    "Love these! Perfect for just about anything, pasta, soup, stew, dips..."

    Theresa - Cosby, Tennessee

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    "beautiful dishes...perfect single seving size,I can hardly wait to use them"

    Peggy - Edmonton, Alberta

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    rebecca schuck

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    "wonderful and "rusticly elegant" way to serve diner"


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