Terra Cotta Cazuelas - 4.5 Inches (4 Dishes)
  • Handmade by skilled artisans
  • Great for serving soups & stews
  • Lead-free, food-safe
  • Size - 4 x 4 oz/1/2 cup

Cazuelas, terra cotta dishes, have been used in Spain for literally thousands of years -- from the humblest home to the grandest manor house. Terra cotta is basic earth, low fired with an interior glaze.

A 4.5-inch diameter dish is a handy size to serve tapas such as olives, almonds, caper berries etc. Put an extra one beside the other dishes for olive pits or stems.

The glaze on the cazuelas is lead-free and the cazuelas are safe for the stovetop or oven. If you want to use them over stovetop burners, be sure they are pre-soaked in water before the first use.

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Customer Reviews

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    "I love these cazuelas! They are just the right size to serve some of my favorite meals to my friends and family."

    ROMAN SOTO FELIU - Saint Paul, MN

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    "I love it!!!! It's so cute and practical!"

    adriana heide - austin, TX

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    "These worked out great for our tapas recipes!"

    Ginger Moore - HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO

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    "the real deal; different sizes for a variety of uses; wish you had the cuajada cup version"

    Bill Woodhouse - Hampstead, North Carolina

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    MariaCristina - Menifee, California

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    "Used these lovely little dishes this past weekend for shrimps tapas. They were perfect for my guests."


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    "Love them--will order more."

    Sharyl Perkett

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    "I love these--perfect for creme brulee."


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    "great as individual ramekins for so many recipes, I use them anywhere that a unique container or dish is appreciated."


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