The Foods and Wines of Spain
  • Classic guide to Spanish cooking
  • Contains wealth of recipes

Published in a sturdy hardcover format, 'The Foods and Wines of Spain' is the basic text on Spanish cooking. It is a classic, a one of a kind cookbook to introduce you to the wealth of savory and enjoyable flavors that make up the uniquely Spanish expression of healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Penelope Casas shares with us her own enchantment with the Spanish people and their love of good living. She gives us the origins of the dish, bits of local lore, evocation of towns and countryside, and descriptions of little known out-of-the-way eating places, as well as the gourmet restaurants.

'The definitive book on Spanish cooking. To my mind she has produced a jewel to be added to the crown of culinary literature.' -- Craig Claiborne

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    "An oldie-but-goody. One of the finest books ever published in the US on Spanish Cooking. A definitive publication that is timeless."


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    "I love this book so much, I will have to buy a new one because the spine is wearing out. Ms. Casas really knows her stuff, and it's the perfect introduction to Spanish cuisine."

    Teresa Acosta

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