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Penelope Casas: A Legacy of Love for Spain

Penelope Casas

Over many years, we had the honor of working with our dear friend Penelope Casas until her passing in August, 2013. She graciously shared her secrets about Spanish cuisine and her extensive knowledge on travel in Spain directly with you, our La Tienda customers. We cannot think of anyone who could have provided more expert guidance in answering your questions.

By digging into old Spanish cookbooks and family collections and by observing local cooks at home and chefs at work, Ms. Casas pioneered the quest for discovering essential cooking techniques and the subtle flavor nuances that make authentic Spanish food so appealing. Through her extensive travels in Spain, Ms. Casas carefully unearthed culinary traditions of every part of the country. She published a travel guide on Spain and four cookbooks on Spanish cuisine. Each is a great resource on the path to unveiling the wonders of Spanish cooking.

Penelope Casas was born in New York City, graduated from Vassar College, and studied at the University of Madrid. She taught courses on Spain at New York University and wrote about food and travel in Spain for The New York Times, Gourmet, Food & Wine, and Conde Nast Traveler. The Spanish government awarded her both the National Prize of Gastronomy and the Medal of Touristic Merit, and named her Dame of the Order of Civil Merit.

Year after year she and her Spanish husband Luis shepherded groups of American tourists, exploring the remotest corners of Spain as well as the more traveled areas, engaging in extraordinary new eating experiences. She translated all of her findings into recipes and remembrances that will be every bit as delicious prepared in your own kitchen as on their native soil. We will treasure her legacy and her friendship always.

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