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Chicken Breasts with Roncal Cheese - Pechugas de Pollo con Queso Roncal

Makes 4 servings.

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4 half chicken breasts

4 slices of Roncal cheese

1 egg


Salt and pepper

Olive oil for frying

Tomato sauce

Matchstick potatoes


Make a lengthwise slit through the middle of the chicken breasts. Open them up and flatten them a little, season and place a slice of cheese inside each. Close up, season and coat in flour and beaten egg. Deep fry until golden outside and cooked inside. Serve with tomato sauce and matchstick potatoes.

Recipe courtesy of Spain GourmeTour magazine

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Roncal Sheep's Milk Cheese, D.O.
Roncal Sheep's Milk Cheese, D.O.
  • Robust, olive-like flavor
  • Smooth texture
  • First product to receive D.O. distinction in Spain
  • Raw sheeps milk
All Natural
Rated 5 Stars
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Classic Paella
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