The Spanish Kitchen
  • Gorgeous photographs
  • Engaging writing
  • Authentic recipes

English food writer Clarissa Hyman's latest book,
The Spanish Kitchen, gives you the best of both worlds: a beautifully illustrated cookbook with stunning illustrations worthy of any coffee table; and a cookbook that is so well written, it will serve as an authoritative resource book for anyone who would like to learn more about the fresh, approachable food of Spain.

Clarissa Hyman's writing is a joy to read, and her grasp of the subject material is impressive. She frames her recipes intelligently, dividing the chapters by region and ingredients. The selection of gorgeous photographs reflects her knowledge of the products and the areas in which they are made. It is full of lush pictures of historic structures and soaring cathedrals. Her pictures of people in the small villages are particularly appealing.

Among the ingredients discussed by the author are manchego cheese, which she uses in wonderful fritters, and the mussels of Galicia, appearing here in a sprightly entree flavored with saffron. From Valencia, Hyman chooses to highlight oranges, and the recipes here for an orange and avocado salad and a duck in orange sauce were both delicious. This is a great book to browse when you have time to plan leisurely meals.

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