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Spanish Pantry Essentials Gift Box

Spanish Pantry Essentials Gift Box

Seven Essential Flavors for Your Pantry

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  • Discover the essential flavors of Spain
  • Seven must-have items for the pantry
  • Sourced by our family in Spain
  • Packed in an attractive gift box

Stock your pantry with the pillars of Spanish cuisine. This attractive gift box is filled with seven items that evoke the distinct flavors of Spain. Our family personally sourced each of these products to ensure you receive the very best example of each. Share this gift with a friend who is just discovering Spanish food, or give yourself this collection of great foods and spices.

Included in this box are premium saffron from La Mancha, intensely smoky pimentón de La Vera paprika, rich and crunchy Marcona almonds, wood-fire roasted piquillo peppers, sweet-tart membrillo quince preserve, solera aged sherry vinegar and our favorite extra virgin olive oil.

Princesa de Minaya saffron is a family harvested spice essential for paella and other classic dishes. Pimentón de La Vera by La Dalia is a silky paprika with a bold smokiness, perfect for grilling or adding smoky flavor to stews or sautéed vegetables.

Marcona almonds by 1880 are premium extra-large grade, sautéed in extra virgin olive oil. Our piquillo peppers are very sweet and tangy with a smoky, roasted flavor that can only come from hardwood-fire roasting.

Our membrillo quince preserve is made by the Valls family in Catalunya and its tart, sweet flavor pairs beautifully with aged cheeses.

Gutierrez Colosia vinegar is aged using the solera barrel aging system in El Puerto de Santa Maria. It has a bright, balanced flavor that brings out the best in your salads, gazpacho and other dishes. Finally, our extra virgin olive oil by Señorío de Vizcantar is a beautifully balanced oil with a refreshing complexity.

(We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.)

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