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3 Packages of Extra Grande Pipas Salados Sunflower Seeds by Facundo

3 Packages of Extra Grande Pipas Salados Sunflower Seeds by Facundo

Giant Sunflower Seeds Coated with Salt

  • Extra large, easy to shell
  • Coated with crunchy salt
  • Classic Spanish flavor
  • Popular snack in Spain
  • Produced by Facundo
  • Size - 3 x 3.5 oz/100 gr

Sunflower seeds, or 'pipas' as they are called in Spain, are the favorite snack of the Spanish people and have been for generations.

The bag contains nothing but sunflower seeds that have been lightly fried in sunflower oil and encrusted with a thin layer of sea salt.

How do these compare with the seeds in your local convenience store? They are larger, fresher and have a fragile, easily removable shell.

We work with a small family company that makes the best pipas in Spain. In the little town of Villada in the province of Palencia, Facundo and his wife Lola Blanco started producing their ‘Extra Grande’ pipas way back in 1944. They are very proud of having found such huge seeds and proudly proclaim on each bag that they are ‘posiblemente ... las mas grandes del mundo.’

Customer Reviews

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    "I am so happy to be able to order real pipas! What they call sunflower seeds in the US just don't compare. These taste exactly as I remember from my years living in Spain. Thank you!"

    Cristiana - Grapevine, TX - Apr 10, 2016

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