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Olive Wood Salad Set

Olive Wood Salad Set

Large Salad Bowl with 4 Bowls and Serving Utensils

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  • Authentic Spanish aged olive wood
  • Carved by skilled artisan Angel in Navarra
  • Beautiful craftsmanship paired with practical use
  • Large bowl is 8.5" in diameter and 3" deep
  • Small bowls are 5" in diameter and 1.75" deep

This Spanish olive wood set will be a family heirloom. Each piece is carved from a single block of aged olive wood by an artisan with 27 years experience. You can have a beautiful table setting for four of what some would say are the best salad bowls in the world. The woodcarver guarantees each bowl to be free of any flaws or cracks. You can enjoy it for years to come.

Since classical times olive wood has been one of the most prized mediums for carving; because when fashioned by an artisan this hardwood provides a smooth, silky finish. These are prize winning olive wood products that we have at La Tienda. They are personal creations of Angel, from the Province of Navarra.

Angel selects just the right block of aged olive wood. He never cuts corners by using laminates, which are prone to splitting.

He fashions the aged olive wood by cutting, hollowing, turning, and sanding the ancient wood. He sets aside the final product for at least two months so that he can be sure that the wood in the hand fashioned product is completely dry. Finally he applies a natural sunflower coating. Angel guarantees all of his hand carved creations for five years.

The large serving bowl is approximately 8.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep. The small individual salad bowls are each about 5 inches in diameter and 1.75 inches deep.

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