Sale Artisan Green Plum Preserves
  • Made from green Claudia plums
  • 50% fruit
  • Blended to sweetness with cane sugar
  • Size - 9.7 oz/275 gr

This member of the Jalancina family of fine preserves is made from the coveted green Claudia plums – the sweetest of the sweet. Half of the preserve is the juicy Claudia plum to which Juan Carlos Garcia adds some cane sugar, fruit pectin as a thickening, and a pinch of vitamin C to keep it fresh. It is plum jam as you have never tasted.

Such a modest and healthy way to bring pleasure to your breakfast – or your ice cream! Virtually homemade, Jalancina Preserves are truly the finest. It is one of several Jalancina preserves that are rated the best fruit preserves in Spain according to the respected gourmet guide: "Lo mejor de la gastronomía española".

In 1922, Antonio Garcia Cerdan sent his first peach harvest to UCASA (Union Conservera y Arrocera) in Jalence. This cooperative, located near Valencia in Jalence, developed a technique to create exceptional preserves, starting with a few kilos of peaches.

In 1965, Carlos Garcia Rubio bought UCASA and the extraordinary line of Jalancina mermeladas was born. If you look at the jar you will see the little Valencian girl whom Carlos named "Jalancina" -- a lady from Jalance, which is where the first kitchen continues to produce these exquisite preserves.


Plum, sugar, and water.

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