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2 Bottles of Mucho Gazpacho Drinkable Gazpacho

2 Bottles of Mucho Gazpacho Drinkable Gazpacho

Healthy and Flavorful 'Bravo Tomato' Gazpacho

All Natural

  • Smooth and flavorful
  • Healthy, drinkable gazpacho
  • All natural, no preservatives
  • Made with olive oil and fresh vegetables
  • 2 whole servings of vegetables in each bottle
  • Size - 2 x 8 oz/237 ml

Gazpacho is a refreshing chilled tomato soup from southern Spain, full of healthy vegetables. Our friends at Mucho Gazpacho have transformed this classic Spanish dish into a healthy, flavorful drink. Each glass bottle holds two full servings of vegetables blended into a smooth, delicious gazpacho. It is a great on-the-go drink - bring it to work or pack it in your kid's lunch for a tasty, healthy treat.

Mucho Gazpacho is 100% natural, just fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet onions, and red bell peppers, plus olive oil, white wine vinegar and salt. The savory tomato is nicely balanced with the tart vinegar. We keep several bottles in our refrigerator at home, ready for whenever we need a refreshing, healthy drink.

Mucho gazpacho has no added water, and is non-gmo, gluten free, with no additives or preservatives and is 100% vegan. Each bottle holds 2 servings of vegetables.

For those who enjoy Bloody Mary cocktails, you will love a 'Bloody Gazpacho!' Pour a half bottle in a glass full of ice, then add vodka and a splash of lemon juice. Add some slices of red or green bell peppers and a wedge of lime.

Once opened, keep refrigerated.

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Customer Reviews

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    "I tried three gazpachos from La Tienda, and this was my second-favorite. It provides a convenient gazpacho delivery system, if you need that in your life (and I do!) You're not getting V8, here - it's proper gazpacho in a small bottle. Very nice balance of flavors, and quite refreshing."

    John - Gloucester, MA - Sep 29, 2016

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    "A little more oily than I care for but, otherwise, very good."

    wendy lane - gaithersburg, MD - Sep 25, 2015

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