Dark Chocolate Duet - 1 Plain Bar & 1 with Marcona Almonds
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Dark Chocolate Duet - 1 Plain Bar & 1 with Marcona Almonds

Rich Artisan Chocolate from Blanxart

$21.95 ct-11
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  • A La Tienda favorite
  • Produced by Blanxart in Barcelona
  • Size - 2 x 7 oz/200 g

Many connoisseurs believe that the distinctive flavors of Blanxart dark chocolate are the very best one can enjoy. For years, it has been the favorite chocolate of La Tienda.

Its logo, adapted from woodcuts in the Barcelona History Museum, reflects its commitment to recreating the first chocolate in Europe.

Adding sweet and crunchy Marcona almonds makes the ultimate dark chocolate almond bar. Some purists say that it is “gilding the lily.” So we leave the decision up to you. Two of the best dark chocolate bars in Europe – do you prefer rich handmade dark chocolate alone -- or with gourmet Marcona almonds that are only found in Spain?

Chocolate from Spain?? Of course, if you think about it. Spain introduced this New World product to Europe in the 16th Century. The medieval city of Barcelona was one of the earliest producers of artisan chocolate in the world, beginning in the 1500’s.

Eventually the chocolate spread to the Spanish possessions such as the Spanish Netherlands (including modern day Belgium). In the first 100 years after the Spanish explorers brought chocolate back, it was only served in Spain. Chocolate houses reigned until the 20th Century when coffee gained in popularity.

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