11 Inch Copper Paella Pan with Brass Plated Handles
  • A thing of beauty for serving and display
  • Copper is the finest heat conductor
  • Great for crispy socorat
  • Size - 1 1in/28 cm

This copper paella pan is gorgeous – on your table, or displayed on your kitchen wall. With brass-plated handles, it adds a touch of elegance when serving paella. However, more than elegance, copper produces the finest paellas.

Copper is the supreme conductor in the kitchen. Copper conducts heat so well that you can simmer your paella at a lower temperature, thereby preserving some of the subtle flavors of your broth and the ingredients. With a copper paella pan, you do not need the higher heat required of the stainless or rolled steel paella pans.

The ideal paella has a crispy, caramelized, toasted bottom (socorat). Flavors are formed at the bottom of the pan, so the paella pan is designed so that a thin layer of the rice is cooked close to the surface. The large cooking surface allows the rice to cook evenly maximizing flavor.

The extra heavy gauge copper is lined with tin to provide the ideal combination of heat conduction and a hygienic practical cooking surface. Your copper pan is oven safe, and can be used on gas, electric, and ceramic burners.

The Copper Paella Pan requires no seasoning. To preserve the luster of the copper, wash by hand after each use – and if you like, apply copper polish to restore the original shine. Made in Portugal.

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May We Suggest

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