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Valor Cao 'Chocolate a la Taza' Powder

Valor Cao 'Chocolate a la Taza' Powder

Traditional Thick Spanish Hot Chocolate

  • Spain's favorite thick and creamy drinking chocolate
  • Great for dipping churros, cookies, and other pastries
  • Tailor the thickness to suit your taste
  • Makes 5 or 6 mugs of hot chocolate
  • Size - 500 g/17.5 oz

Chocolate a la taza is a rich, thick hot chocolate usually paired with churros or other pastries. Add this Valor powder to simmering milk to make a wonderfully smooth and creamy chocolate drink! You tailor the thickness of this extraordinary chocolate to your taste by deciding how much to add to the milk. Stir for a couple of minutes and you are ready to go.

In Spain they dip fresh churro pastries into a cup of this extraordinarily thick hot chocolate. (We have a churro making kit for you if you are feeling ambitious! But doughnuts and similar pastries are fine.)

Valor chocolate is a classic company dating back to the 19th century. Their recipe for chocolate a la taza has been enjoyed throughout Spain since before you were born!

This powdered form is ready in minutes.

Customer Reviews

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    "my wife is a chocoholic in the first degree and we've purchased chocolate from around the world. my wife says this is the best she's ever had. "

    balloonboy - williamstown, NJ - Jan 23, 2018

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    "Tastes like as if my wife and I were back in Spain."

    Richard - Peoria, AZ - Jan 20, 2018

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    "So delicious- just like I remembered!"

    Kathy - So delicious-Harrah, OK - Jan 19, 2018

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    "Bought this as a marvelous gift for a little boy. He will undoubtedly have his mom buying more. Smile - or I will."

    Marianne - Valley Village, CA - Mar 19, 2017

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    "Like my mother use to make !!!"

    Lourdes - Taylors, SC - Nov 30, 2016

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    "I have tasted better chocolate. If I had known it was processed with alkalai, I would never have purchased it. "

    ANNA KARPIAK - PLAINVIEW, New York - Feb 14, 2016

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    "Very good"

    Henrietta Yount - Hilton Head, SC - Jan 1, 2016

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    "Delicious hot chocolate!"

    Lourdes Hosking - Killingworth, CT - Dec 20, 2015

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    "We've treasured the Valor chocolate for years. But ordered 10 packages to share with friends at a pre-Christmas churro get together. They all loved it and were impressed with how thick and rich it was(is). Thanks for carrying it"

    Peter Ventura - Tooele, UT - Nov 22, 2015

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    "So rich and creamy. It's amazing for breakfast with bread or on a cold night."

    Lottie Stinson - Edison, NJ - Nov 15, 2015

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    "NOT GOOD "

    tony - West Milford, New Jersey - Jan 7, 2013

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    "I love it! Boil the milk in a saucepan and then pour the cocoa, remove the chocolate for five or 10 minutes til thicken, let ir rest for 5 minutes and that is the genuine Spanish chocolate! Enjoy it!"

    Isabel - New York, New York - Jul 29, 2012

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    "Oh my God, this drink is heaven, as soon as I received my shipment of churros, I made this drink, as I was dipping my churro in the chocolate, it took me back to when I will a little girl in Spain. Thank you La Tienda, you are the real thing when it comes to products and food from Spain."

    L.Warren - Jun 3, 2010

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    "so good!!!! just finished my last cup by dipping waffles in the thick chocolate. this has been a big hit when i make it for my friends who come over. this year i am attaching a bag to every christmas i give out. "

    michelle - Nov 16, 2009

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    "hands down the best chocolate ever"

    suarez - Sep 25, 2009

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    Robert Randall - Oct 2, 2008

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