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New Capers in Sea Salt from Andalucía

Capers in Sea Salt from Andalucía

Packed in Sea Salt for the Fullest Caper Flavor

All Natural

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  • Packed in sea salt
  • Fullest flavor
  • Rinse before serving
  • Great on salads, soups and seafood
  • Size - 3.5 oz/100 gr drained wt

Tangy and bright, delicate but flavorful, capers add that extra touch that moves a dish from good to great. And the way to enjoy capers at their best is packed in sea salt.

All capers, which are flower buds from the caper plant, are packed in salt originally, an ancient way to preserve this delicate food. Once they are cleaned and repackaged in water or vinegar, they begin to lose their intensity of flavor. That is why we prefer to use these capers packed in sea salt, so we can rinse them and use them at their peak flavor level.

Capers add a nice complexity to green salads and soups, fish and potato salads. They are also great cooked - sauté a handful of capers in butter until it browns and pour this simple sauce over a freshly cooked fillet of fish, or sprinkle some in your next stew. Once you get the taste for these savory capers you will be using them every day.

Remember to rinse them in cool water to remove the extra sea salt. If you would like even less salt, soak in cold water for about 20 minutes.

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