Sale Osborne Bull Sculpture - 4 Inches Tall
  • Celebrated Spanish symbol
  • A faithful reproduction of the iconic billboard
  • Charming decoration
  • Stand alone or with other Osborne bull items
  • Size - 10 cm x 11 cm

Display the iconic Osborne bull on tabletops, side tables and in glass cabinets. This charming piece is not only sturdy and stunning, it represents a renowned cultural icon of Spain. Display it alone; with the larger version of this item; or add it to a collection of Osborne bull adornments. A much smaller version of the silhouettes that grace the roads of Spain, this figure makes a great anniversary or birthday gift for the world traveler or lover of all things Spanish.

This black beast comes complete with a storied past. It began as an advertising campaign in the 1950s, became a point of controversy in the 1990s and then reclaimed its eminence and stands strong today.

In 1956, the Osborne bull took the shape of a black wooden silhouette and perched on roadsides to stand out among the traditional billboards of the day as part of an advertising campaign for Osborne brandy. The public loved it, and the bulls soon took on a life of their own, going up by the hundreds and taking on the form of black metal to ensure their longevity. The 1990s saw a change in roadside advertising laws, and the Osborne bulls’ existence was threatened. The public demanded the bulls remain, as they had become part of the culture by then. A compromise was reached. Today the bulls number 89, are much further back from the road to comply with roadside laws, but are also 12 meters in height and 4000 kg in weight, so as not to be missed.

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