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ZAGAT - November 18, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: 46 Foodie Must-Buys

With the holiday season just around the corner, you may be starting to stress about what items you're buying (and asking for) this year. Below we've selected 46 food- and drink-related gifts, in a variety of price ranges, to give you a head start. From cookbooks, to booze, kitchen tools, gift sets and more, check out our suggestions in the slide show (and we sincerely hope you trick someone in your life with a sriracha candy cane - see slide 7).

Slide #4

Entire Jamón Ibérico Leg
Ever since we studied abroad in Seville, Spain, where it's completely normal to have a whole jamón leg sitting around the house on a special carver, we've wanted to re-create this porky phenomenon back home in the U.S. And while we've never really have $1,200 to shell out on this kind of purchase (the exchange rate really bites back at the moment), if you do, and if you have someone in your life who would carve slices off this fine specimen from the Cinco Jotas brand every day and savor the salty, fatty, acorn-fed deliciousness, then this is pretty much the gift of a lifetime - especially since you probably also need to buy them a carver, knife and lesson on how to slice. It's all worth it when you taste this stuff.
$1,290.00 at La Tienda

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