Copper Cataplana for Seafood Stews (11 Inch Diameter)
  • Beautiful hammered copper
  • Closes like a clam shell
  • Classic Portuguese cookware
  • Comes with cork trivet for serving
  • Size - Approx. 11 in wide x 6 in tall

From the far south of Portugal, bordering Andalucía, comes the tasty tradition of Cataplana. This delicious stew of seafood, chorizo and jamón is cooked in a beautiful copper kettle that closes like a clam shell. Like the paella or the tagine from Morocco, the cataplana is both the name for the dish and for the cookware.

The cataplana works somewhat like an ancient version of a pressure cooker - once the top is closed and secured, it must not be opened until it is ready to be served!

Our cataplanas are hand made in Portugal from hammered copper. A cork base or trivet is included for serving. Not only is it a delightful way to serve a distinctive dish, it will be a beautiful for years to come.

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May We Suggest

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