Moscatel Vinegar by Arvum
  • Light colored, mildly sweet
  • Sun dried raisin flavors
  • Delicious salad vinegar
  • Great addition to sauces
  • Size - 8.45 oz/250 ml

With its honey-like color and raisin-like flavors, this Moscatel sherry vinegar is a wonderful addition to any pantry. While you might be more familiar with red or white wine vinegars, or even Italy’s balsamico, you’ll soon fall in love with this delicate and sweet vinegar from Spain. Once you taste it, you may be tempted to cook with it regularly!

This particular vinegar is made by a cooperative of artisanal growers in Jerez, the same region of Spain where sherry is produced. In fact, they use the same production process, in which the vinegar is made from local grapes and then transferred between large oak barrels, collectively known as solera. This famous process is the reason this vinegar develops such complex flavors, with notes of cooked fruit and hints of caramel.

This Moscatel sherry vinegar, lighter in flavor and color than balsamic, is great for zesty salad dressings or fish marinades. With its slightly sweet, fruity flavors, this vinegar is also particularly good in Romesco sauce, which is the perfect accompaniment for Ibérico pork tenderloin.

Whether you intend to use this vinegar in your own kitchen or give it as a gift to a budding cook, once it’s uncorked, it may find its way into many a dish!


Sherry vinegar with Moscatel wine, concentrated grape must.

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