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Thick White Asparagus Spears, D.O. Navarra

Thick White Asparagus Spears, D.O. Navarra

Featured in Food and Wine Magazine, July 2012 - Extraordinary 'Cojonudos' Size - 8.8 oz

All Natural

$16.95 VG-02


  • Perfectly hand peeled and prepared
  • Extraordinary size
  • Buttery and tender
  • Wine critic Robert Parker called them "Superb"
  • Size - Drained wt: 8.8 oz/250 g - 6-8 count

These delicate white asparagus spears are wonderful. The extraordinarily thick spears are so soft and buttery you can cut them with your fork. In Spain they serve them well chilled with a dollop of mayonnaise, but they can also be served with a vinaigrette or as a special addition to salads.

King Juan Carlos sampled a couple of these extra thick beauties from El Navarrico and exclaimed 'Cojonudos!’ which is slightly off-color slang for terrific! And wine critic Robert Parker said "a delicacy of the world are white asparagus- the best from Navarra in Spain, and Les Landes (Bordeaux)...La Tienda, the online Spanish food purveyor has them preserved in cans (normally I hate canned food), but these are superb."

In early spring, shoots of an asparagus fern emerge from moist, rich and well-drained soil. Normal green asparagus spears are the emerging shoots that are cut off and bound in a bundle.

For white asparagus there is a different method. As the shoots first emerge from the soil, the farmers protect them from the sunlight by forming mounds of soil to surround each group of shoots. As the spears grow a little higher, they add more earth to the mound.

To get these extraordinarily thick spears the asparagus plant has to be several years old, as young plants yield thin spears.

El Navarrico is one of the few places in Spain that follow the traditional way. Most producers outsource asparagus to China, since artisan production is so labor intensive and non-industrial.

Canned white asparagus from Navarra is so revered in Spain that it has its own D.O.(a protected Denomination of Origin), which guarantees its quality and authenticity. Our friends at Navarrico grow the “Cojonudo” white asparagus spears in such limited quantity, that some years we buy the entire harvest to make sure we have enough.


Asparagus, water and salt.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 3-4 spears. Servings per container about 3. Calories 15. Calories from fat 0. Total fat 0g. (0%). Saturated fat 0g (0%). Sodium 510mg (21%), total carbohydrate 2g (1%), dietary fiber 2g (1%). * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 23 reviews

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Phillip glasgow - huntington beach, CA  3 Star Rating
"Little mushy"


Deborah Smith - West Point, KY  5 Star Rating
"We grow green asparagus during the spring and can't get anything like this back home!"

Maria B - Seaside, CA  5 Star Rating
"I've tried other white asparagus. Never again. These have spoiled me for all others. Every inch is delicious and smooth. I can understand why the king of Spain said what he said."

Dee - Tampa, FL  4 Star Rating
"These are delicate and delicious. Impossible to eat only one. But, I honestly do not think they are far superior to some of the canned asparagus I have purchased at my local supermarket. Still a fantastic product, though."

Edward Creighton - ORACLE, AZ  5 Star Rating

Jesus Gonzalez - Banks, OR  5 Star Rating

Audrey Menzer - Havre de Grace, MD  4 Star Rating


Marina Bounds - Drexel Hill, PA  5 Star Rating
"Grate Product"

Richard Mullins - Sagle, ID  5 Star Rating
"Due to the shape of the can and the design of my can opener getting to the product was a challenge, will need to find a different can opener in the future."

Gemma - Indianapolis, IN  5 Star Rating

Cesar Calderon - Arlington, VA  5 Star Rating
"silky and delicious"

Earle Gay - LANCASTER, PA  5 Star Rating

brian  4 Star Rating
"great with aioli after being a little chilled uin the fridge"

Marco  5 Star Rating

Andy  5 Star Rating

A Gourmet in New Jersey  5 Star Rating
"Melting in your mouth, flavorful and delicious!"

Teresa V.  5 Star Rating
"We missed the white asparagus when we went to Spain. Now we can get them in Colorado of all places. They were delich, big, and practically melted in our mouths."

MW  4 Star Rating

JMG  5 Star Rating
"great asparagus...delicious..."

Maria Martin  5 Star Rating
"The best white asparagus I ate. They are delicious with mayonnaise and the best part is that you do not have to cook them, they come ready to be enjoyed. "

Leacie Warren-Dominguez  5 Star Rating
"So far everything that I have ordered has taken me back to Spain. Next year if possible I would like to see Girlaches in your catalog. Thank you for allowing me to relive my memories of Spain."

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