2 Packages of Sugar Free Marzipan Figures by 1880
  • Made with 53% almonds!
  • No sugar or honey
  • A Spanish classic
  • About 9 pieces per box
  • Size - 2 x 5.3 oz/ 150 g

Made in the same manner for centuries, marzipan candy is traditionally made with almonds and sugar, but this modern version is produced with no added sugars or honey. Ground almonds and sweeteners are blended together, creating a pliable 'dough' that is formed into whimsical figures and toasted in the oven.

Unlike our regular 'figuritas de mazapán', this version contains no added honey or sugar. Made with 53% almonds, these sugar free marzipan figures still have the same sweet flavor as the regular version and taste nearly as good!

Marzipan candy is said to have originated in the year 1212, at the Battle of Navas de Tolosa. The nuns of the San Clemente convent took care of the soldiers wounded in battle and according to tradition, they ground up their supply of almonds in mortar and pestles and kneaded the almonds together with sugar to create emergency rations. This type of bread (pan) produced with a pestle (maza), may have given rise to the Spanish name mazapán, or marzipan in English.


Almonds (53%), sweeteners (lactitol, sorbitol syrup), water, preserving agent (sorbic acid), sweetener (sucralose), lemon aroma. Made in a company that uses wheat. Contains naturally occurring sugars. Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 2 pieces (36g). Servings per container 4. Calories 180. Fat calories 90. Total fat 10g (16%), saturated fat 1g (5%), cholesterol less than 5mg (1%), sodium 5mg (0%), carbs 16g (5%), dietary fiber 2g (6%), sugars 0g, protein 6g. Vitamin A 0%, vitamin C 0%, calcium 6% and Iron 4%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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