Texturas - Malto
  • Powder creates base for mixing ingredients & flavors
  • Variety of uses
  • Part of the 'SURPRISES' line: "Light"
  • Size - 2.2 lbs/1 kilo

Malto is a product based on maltodextrin, a carbohydrate obtained from cornstarch molecules, in this case those of tapioca, which have been broken down. It has low sweetening power and does not add calories. It is employed as a bulking agent, but can also absorb oils. Used in the food industry in the preparation of beverages, dairy products, candies, soups, and so on.

Characteristics: Presentation in a very fine powder. Readily soluble when cold or hot. Becomes a manipulable powder when mixed with oil (2 parts Malto to 1 part oil) and dissolves completely on contact with any aqueous medium.

For recipes and inspiration, visit: http://www.texturaselbulli.com


SURPRISES is a line of products whose main feature is the possibility of consuming them directly, either on their own or mixed with other ingredients and preparations.

They are products with different characteristics from one to the other but with one common denominator – their special texture, individual and unique to each of them. Effervescent in the case of Fizzy, light in Malto, and crunchy in Crumiel. Flavours and textures that can represent a fantastic, surprising solution to the finish of recipes both sweet and savory.


Maltodextrin powder.

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May We Suggest

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