Texturas - Xantana
  • Thickens liquids in very small portions
  • Useful for sauces, soups, creams and Texturas cooking
  • Flavorless; won't disturb taste of dish
  • Size - 21.2 oz/600 g

In the kitchen, products for thickening sauces, creams, juices and soups have always been used. Starches and flour are the traditional thickeners, but the disadvantage is that a large quantity has to be added, which can affect the final taste.

With the Espesantes family we present a series of new products which can thicken kitchen preparations using a minimum quantity and without distorting the initial taste characteristics.

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Xanthan gum in powder.

Nutritional Information

About 21 oz.

May We Suggest

May We Suggest

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