Sale Flor de Sal -  Sea Salt by Matiz
  • Premium salt from the Mediterranean Sea
  • Hand harvested and sun dried
  • Light crystals dissolve quickly into any dish
  • Size - 4.4 oz/125 g

This Spanish sea salt, also known as 'flor de sal', is hand harvested from ancient salt flats in Catalonia. Its light, fluffy crystals will quickly melt into any dish, making it a perfect seasoning for any recipe you dare to create.

This 'flor de sal' is harvested from flats in southeastern Spain used for salt production since Roman times. The fine crystals are hand harvested from the top of the crystallized water in the flat and then sun dried - producing a salt with exceptional brilliance and whiteness.

The light salt flakes will dissolve instantly when you make a Spanish tortilla, sprinkle them on your eggs, or season a garden salad. This salt is so versatile that you'll probably want to keep a jar by the stove and another on the table.


Flor de sal (Mediterranean sea salt).

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