Sherry Vinegar Balsamic Sauce by Arvum
  • For cooking or salad dressings
  • Mix of palomino and Muscat wine vinegar
  • Sweet and tangy mix
  • Fruity with caramel accents
  • Size - 8.45 oz/250 ml

This vibrant balsamic sauce imparts rich, mouthwatering flavors to any vinaigrette or glaze it touches. Produced by a consortium of tiny artisan producers across the Jerez area of Spain, this sauce has a magic touch that we appreciate at all hours in the kitchen!

Arvum vinegars are produced by four cooperatives who work with hundreds of small farmers in the region. The farmers agree to use sustainable growing methods when growing the palomino and Muscat grapes for this sauce. The juice from these grapes is combined with locally produced sherry vinegar and reduced to this creamy consistency.

This sherry vinegar balsamic sauce is an all-purpose ingredient to keep in the pantry. With its flavors of dried fruit, caramel and hints of spicier wines, it dresses up simple dishes instantly. It produces a particularly rich, thick salad dressing when mixed with good Spanish extra virgin olive oil. You can also use it to marinate meats like flank steak, or drizzle over an Ibérico pork loin. True connoisseurs have been known to add a drop or two over ice cream, for a tangy twist on dessert.

Once you start incorporating this vibrant taste of Spain in meals, you will soon discover new uses for this remarkable sauce!


Sherry vinegar, palomino and muscat grape reduction.

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    "Good tasting. Great for salad dressing. "


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    Frank Kaszyc - Chincoteague Island, VA

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