Arrope Grape Must Syrup by Arvum
  • Delicious sauce in cooking
  • Tasty salad dressing ingredient
  • Sweet and tangy
  • Made from grape skins after wine pressing
  • Size - 8.45 oz/250 ml

Popular in Spain for its intense sweet-sour flavor, arrope or grape must is a secret weapon in the kitchen. This rich syrup, made from the same grapes that are used to produce sherry, is so full of flavor that you may want to keep a permanent supply in the pantry!

Arrope is a versatile ingredient, which makes it a joy to have in the kitchen. Add it to salad dressing to add a bit of vim and vigor, or sprinkle it over freshly grilled vegetables. You can use it in marinades, as well as to finish particularly rich soups. In Spain, it’s even drizzled over rich cheeses like Manchego.

This Spanish treat is produced when fresh grape juice is boiled for hours until it reduces into a thick syrup. In order to produce it, four cooperatives work with hundreds of small artisan producers who use sustainable growing methods near the town of Jerez de la Frontera. These farmers use local juice from the same grapes used to produce sherry, the palomino and muscatel vines. Instead of fermenting the juice to make sherry, it is reduced over heat, which gently cooks the juice into a dense syrup.

With its rich, sweet and slightly sour flavor, arrope is certain to be a dinner party highlight for meals to come!


Reduced grape must from palomino and moscatel grapes.

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