Sidra Sampler - Cider and Cider Glasses
  • 6 sidra glasses
  • Two bottles of sparkling, non-alcoholic sidra
  • Pour sidra like in Spain!

If you’ve been to a sidreria or bar in Asturias, you’ve probably enjoyed watching the bartenders pour cider in an enormous arc, expertly hitting the special wide-mouthed glass with barely a splash. Here’s the perfect collection to enjoy the same fun tradition at home: a set of six authentic cider glasses and two bottles of sparkling non-alcoholic cider from the most famous producer in Spain, El Gaitero.

Sidra is popular across the region of Asturias in northern Spain, where wine grapes struggle to grow and apple trees thrive. Cider is the drink of choice at local establishments, and bartenders take tradition very seriously! They hold an open bottle of cider high above their head, grasping the stout cider glass in the other hand, and pour out a stream of the frothy, lightly sparkling cider. With years of experience, they fill the glass with little mess!

To christen your new glasses, we included sparkling cider from Asturias. While our version is non-alcoholic, it comes from renowned producer El Gaitero. It’s a crisp, dry drink that friends and family of all ages can enjoy, an authentic taste of a Spanish favorite.

Spanish cider and its tradition has become so popular that you can now find it in pinxtos bars in tony San Sebastian. We love to celebrate this tradition at home, challenging each other to make a proper pour!

Sizes for the items included in this collection are as follows: non-alcholic cider - two 700 ml bottles and set of 6 sidra glasses - 16 oz capacity.

We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.

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