Smoky Sampler - Smoked Products from Spain
  • Artisan smoked in small batches
  • Smoked spices, olive oil, cheese and anchovies
  • Experience the delicate smoky flavors of Spain

This selection of our favorite smoked foods from Spain shows off the magic that smoke works on flavor! Artisans have used smoke to preserve food for centuries, adding mouthwatering flavor in the process. The perfume of smouldering wood works wonders on delicacies from roasted peppers to Idiazabal cheese, and this package includes them and more!

Smoky spices are powerful in the kitchen. Sal de hielo, or smoked sea salt, harvested near the Bay of Cádiz, adds gorgeous flavor to paella or meats. Sweet smoked paprika, or Pimenton de La Vera, is made from red peppers smoked for fifteen days over open oak fires, developing a classic Spanish flavor. Carpier smoked extra virgin olive oil is smoked by hand over glowing pine cones for seven hours, becoming richly complex.

Our fire roasted piquillos are made in Navarra, where the famous peppers grow. These bright right peppers, with hints of smoke and spice, make a spectacular site at the dinner table, served with fresh tuna or sausage meat.

Much care is put into producing our Idiazábal cheese, made from sheep’s milk and aged eight months. Basque artisans smoke it over hawthorn and cherry wood, which permeates the whole cheese!

Artisan smoked anchovies from Cantabria are a treat. After these plump fish are caught in the Bay of Biscay, they’re cleaned, filleted and brined before they’re smoked with hand-selected beech wood from local forests. These fish end up mild, tender and smoky!

Whether you hope to experience the allure of Spain’s smoked products for the first time or crave the flavors you’ve savored in Navarra or Catalunya, this set is certain to please. It also makes a wonderful gift, bestowing the smoky flavors of Spain on a budding foodie or faithful home cook!

Sizes for the items included in this collection are as follows: smoked anchovies - 3.5 oz, smoked olive oil - 8.45 fl oz, sweet smoked paprika - 2.5 oz, Idiazabal cheese - 1 pound, piquillo peppers - 7 oz drained weight and smoked sea salt - 8.75 oz.

We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.

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May We Suggest

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