Bea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Mild and fruity cold pressed oil
  • 100% organic olive oil, certified kosher
  • Small family producer
  • The juice of over 2000 olives in each bottle
  • Sealed with a cork - Pouring spout included
  • Size - 500 ml/16.9 oz

Bea olive oil is a labor of love. Clemente Bea personally planted and cultivated the olive trees on his estate in the famous wine region of La Rioja. The result is an elegant, fruity extra virgin Arbequina olive oil with a complex flavor. Arbequina olive oil is renowned as Spain’s finest, with a complex fruity taste perfect for salads, seafood and dipping with bread.

Bea olive oil is certified organic and kosher.

Clemente and Magüi Bea founded Bea Family Estate to produce the very best extra virgin olive oils in La Rioja. This stunning wine region has soils rich in minerals, and each olive tree is tended personally by the owners. The result is a boutique organic olive oil with a silkiness and complex fruity flavor unlike any other. Clemente Bea invites each and every one of his customers to visit his estate in La Rioja so that he can give a personal tour – he recommends a visit in late November, when the harvest begins.

To celebrate the La Rioja region's famous wine tradition, the Beas seal each bottle of olive oil with a wine cork. Once opened, insert the included spout for easy pouring. Keep the olive oil cool and out of direct sunlight to preserve its complex flavors.


Extra virgin olive oil.

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    Patricia - Milford, PA

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    "This olive oil is unique! With a little bit of salt this olive oil makes a delicious sauce for salad, veggies, fish, bread, you name it! "

    Paul Vella - New York, NY

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    "My all-time favorite olive oil. And I know olive oil. This is THE BEST!!!"

    Ralphio - Detroit, MI

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