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4 Tins of Anchovy Stuffed Olives by Peregrino - 'Extra' Quality

4 Tins of Anchovy Stuffed Olives by Peregrino - 'Extra' Quality

#4 in SAVEUR Top 100

$16.95 OL-03-4


  • #4 in SAVEUR's Top 100!
  • Premium extra large olives
  • A customer favorite
  • Serve well chilled
  • Size - 4 x 5.29 oz/150 g drained weight

Anchovy stuffed olives are far and away the most popular olives at La Tienda. We can hardly keep them on our shelf! The olive and anchovy combination creates a perfect balance of flavor.

Served chilled with a cool drink, they evoke memories of warm summer nights of Andalucia, sitting outside enjoying tapas. Even among our friends who don't particularly like anchovies, they have become a favorite!

We were impressed by the freshness of the anchovy stuffed olives prepared by a local olive company in Alicante - a traditional port on the Costa Blanca.

They achieve a perfect balance between the flavor of fresh salted anchovies and extra large Andalucian manzanilla olives.

When we dropped by to see how they were created, we saw the workers grinding freshly cured anchovy fillets, stuffing them into the awaiting olives, and immediately flash-pasteurizing them.

We have never tried an olive so delicious, so we placed an order on the spot.

This premium grade Peregrino anchovy stuffed olive is excellent for tapas or hors d'oeuvres; they can also add a touch of the ocean to a garden salad. Serve chilled to enjoy them at their very best.


Prácticamente por goleada, las aceitunas rellenas de anchoa son las más populares en La Tienda. ¡Casi no podemos dejarlas en los estantes! Nos quedamos impresionados con la frescura de la aceituna rellena de anchoa preparada por una empresa aceitunera local en Alicante, un puerto de pesca tradicional de la Costa Blanca española.

Nos pasamos a ver cómo lo hacían. En la mesa había una porción de filetillos de anchoa recién curados que estaban machacando ante nuestros ojos, metiendo en las aceitunas, y pasteurizando inmediatamente. No se nos ocurrió una manera mejor de tener aceitunas con anchoa para ustedes, así que importamos unas cuantas. Hay un equilibrio perfecto entre el sabor distintivo de la anchoa y el rico sabor de la aceituna. Las aceitunas verdes rellenas de anchoas son refrescantes y deliciosas. Excelentes para tapas o aperitivos, las aceitunas rellenas de anchoa pueden añadir también un toque el océano a una ensalada verde. Están en estado óptimo si se sirven frías.


Green Manzanilla olives, water, anchovy paste 6% (anchovies, water, sodium alginate (a stabilizer), salt, monosodium glutamate (flavour enhancer), citric acid (an acidulant), ascorbic acid (an antioxidant). Pasteurized.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 4 olives (15g) Servings per container about 7. Calories 30, calories from fat 28, Total fat 3g (4%), monounsaturated 1.8g, polyunsaturated fat 0.6g, cholesterol 0.1mg, sodium 238mg (8.7%), total carbohydrate less than 1g. Protein 0.15g (0.3%). Not a significant source of saturated fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 81 reviews

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jake - VIENNA, VA  5 Star Rating

"This is the product that brought me to your web site. They are the very best."

Peggy Mascher - Litchfield, ME  5 Star Rating
"As good as always. Love doing business with La Tienda."

JOAN - HUNTINGTON BEACH, California  5 Star Rating
"Olive-ishious! Anchovies are appropiately portioned to add just right amount flavor and saltiness. Compliments the olive perfectly. Six of us (4 adults, 2 children) went through a chilled can in no time. "


"Excellent product . great taste "

Joseph Hunstad - CORNELIUS, NC  5 Star Rating
"These bring the taste of Spain here. Unable to find these here after multiple attempts. My whole family loves these."

charles turner - Grosse Pointe Farms  5 Star Rating
"Absolutely the best Anchovy olives on the market."

JEANETTE SWOL - Mesa, AZ  5 Star Rating
"the best anchovy olives that I can find anywhere"

Betty Englert - Huntington Beach, CA  5 Star Rating
"These olives are excellent. Have ordered before via a friend so knew what they would taste like."

Martha Barrett - Dallas, TX  5 Star Rating

David Matheny - Saint Charles, MO  5 Star Rating
"I continue to use your Anchovy stuffed olives because they are the best I have ever enjoyed. Also, I appreciate the prompt delivery and great packaging."

Jose Gonzalez - Fort Lauderdale, FL  5 Star Rating

ALAN SYKES - Graham, NC  5 Star Rating
"These make a great martini."

Mary Friel - Fort Myers, FL  5 Star Rating
"I can't have a martini without the Anchoy Olives. Most restrauants do not have anchovy olives. I bring a little bag of these with me when out to dinner."

"Awesome...just like the ones we had in Spain last year, Thanks I'll be ordering more soon :)"

Michael Zito - Conway , SC  5 Star Rating
"The olives are excellent, and I have buying them for a few years."

Jack Caselles - Claremont, CA  5 Star Rating

Jeanne - Vero Beach, FL  5 Star Rating
"I just made a dirty martini with these little beauties and it's wonderful! :) "

Maria B - Seaside  5 Star Rating
"Packed with the flavor of the Spanish seacoast. I bet you can't eat just one."

Angie - Hamilton  5 Star Rating
"This will be the 2nd time that I'm ordering this product: I ran out of the 4 tins that I ordered not long ago!! Excellent flavor, and a VERY reasonable price. I agree with a previous reviewer: they are exceptional in a martini!! :) They give just the right hint of the 'extraordinary' to the drink. My friends & family love them :) Exceptional flavor & value. Thank you, La Tienda, for bringing this product to us. "

"The Anchovy filled olives are delicious. I will be ordering more of them."

wayne whatley - marietta  4 Star Rating

"Just like in Galicia, Espana. It was excellent, my guests were impressed and I furnished them with your catalog."

JUDITH Brasseur - Chico  5 Star Rating
"Fabulous! The best olives I've ever eaten ( and they are great in a martini too !)"

Daryl Ambrose - San Diego  5 Star Rating
"These stuffed olives are the best for the money you can get. I lived in Spain and these are authentic. "

"For me, these are the taste of Spain. Superb!"

FLOYD Burden - SAN DIEGO  5 Star Rating
"Been a long time since I've been able to find these, they are great even in a martini. will order again."

Peter D Colon - SUMMERVILLE  5 Star Rating
"Can't find them anywhere else; they're great"

Frederick Battershell - Traverse City  5 Star Rating

Michael Pollay - Sun City West  4 Star Rating
"excellent taste. Glssor plastic re sealable container would be useful"



Teresa Iglesias - Dayton  5 Star Rating
"Excellent. I would order this product again"

"This product was part of a gift I sent to an associate. I knew she liked olives and she loved anchovies and when I saw olives stuffed with anchovies I figured that would be a winner...and I was right. She loved them."

Barbara L Weir - Warminster  2 Star Rating
"slightly disappointing"


Barbara Schermerhorn - Bluffton  5 Star Rating
"Hands down, the best martini olives! "

Enrique Rubio - Metairie  3 Star Rating


Jan Vogel - Houston  5 Star Rating

Marina Bounds - Drexel Hill  5 Star Rating
"Great Product along with the great flavor."

Calvin J Jackson - Hartford  5 Star Rating
"These are a must taste for anyone with a love for olives, I ordered them once to try and to date have repeated them with every order. "

Peter Hofer - McCormick  5 Star Rating
"These stuffed Olives are a great product. It would be great if they came in plastic or glass jars, rather than in cans. Once opened, the can causes an undesired aftertaste, absent when glass-jars (or Plastic), are used. La Tienda Team: We thank you for your comments, Peter. We recommend that the olives be stored in another container once they are opened. Kind regards."

Shelley May - WESTPORT  5 Star Rating
"Love, love, love these!"

Ester Codina Galan - Ridgewood  5 Star Rating


JEREMY FINKELSTEIN - New York  4 Star Rating

William McClatchey - Los Angeles  5 Star Rating
"great olives!"

David Matheny - Saint Charles  5 Star Rating
"Your Anchovy Stuffed Olives are the best I have ever found ....anywhere."

Frank Irizarry - New York  4 Star Rating

Kenneth Garnand - Cibolo  5 Star Rating

George Johnson - Roseville  5 Star Rating
"Excellent product & service. Also very addictive. I lived in Spain 4 years 74-78 during Franco regime. "

Shannon Moore - Johnson City  5 Star Rating
"I lived in Spain for two years, and these are the exact same brand that I bought in Cantabria. Such a delicious reminder of the same taste I had there."

don watkins - Rancho Mirage  5 Star Rating
"Anchovy Stuffed Olives are my favourite! Served them to my guests and they all wanted to know where I found these olives."

Gemma - Indianapolis  5 Star Rating

John - Magee  5 Star Rating
"Absolutely delicious! I have hypertension and have to watch my sodium and these are not overly salted as most olives are. Did I mention the fact they are delicious? "

DaVonna Quernemoen - South Bend  5 Star Rating
"You have to try these olives. Soooo good."

Barbara - Keymar, Maryland  5 Star Rating
"My husband is a big anchovy fan so I thought we would give these a try. Exceptional flavor and great with cheese!"

frank - keyport, New Jersey  5 Star Rating

Frank MIkula - Toledo, Ohio  5 Star Rating
"Original order arrived on time but the contents were damaged. I notified the company and received a replacement order intact at no charge. Great experience!"

Grace Limon - Simi Valley, California  5 Star Rating
"I love the anchovy stuffed olives. I can't keep them in stock. They just 'fly away'. Many thanks! Grace"

J Scheumann - Hoagland, Indiana  5 Star Rating

puri - odessa, Florida  5 Star Rating

craig - Royal Oak, Maryland  5 Star Rating
"I continue to buy this product, and recommend to friends. My only problem is, once I open the tin, which I like best refrigerated, I quickly finish every olive"

Neal Mangold - Atlanta, Georgia  5 Star Rating
"I will always buy these olives WHEN THEY ARE ON SALE!!!!"

carmen boy - panama city beach, Florida  5 Star Rating
"the best"

Carol A. - Norwood, Massachusetts  5 Star Rating
"Fantastic! These tasty aceitunas bring me back home to Spain. They're an essential part of any tapas meal that we are part of :)"

addictedtoolives - milwaukee, Wisconsin  3 Star Rating
"Not bad but they still taste like canned/bottled olives. I was hoping to like them more but they don't have the fresh crunch I am now used to from the fresh olives I get at my local WF. The anchovies provide a unique flavor twist and are somewhat mild. I liked them but will probably not buy again."

Esther J - Eagan, Minnesota  5 Star Rating
"I put these out at parties without telling anyone there are anchovies in them. Without exception I am asked what is in them, and people encourage others to "try these!". The surprised look on people's faces when I say they are stuffed with anchovy is pretty much standard. Then they ask where to buy them! I have tried none better, and have created many fans of anchovy stuffed olives with these exceptional olives. Spanish olive lovers, you will not be disappointed!"

Marilyn McGhee - Tallahassee, Florida  5 Star Rating
"These Anchovy Stuffed Olives were exceptional. They had just the right balance of saltiness. It was hard to each just one or two, so you need tomake sure you order several cans if you are entertaining. "

Nora  5 Star Rating
"These are my favorite olives. My son loves them. The only bad thing is that, they were at one time $9.95 then $14.50 and now its $17.00. I know they are awesome but the price keeps getting higher. Every one that has tasted them in my house, have said that they are so meaty and delicious. Please don't keep on rising the price anymore. Thanks"

Technically Proficient  5 Star Rating
"I have tried just about EVERY anchovy stuffed olive offered on line. The Peregrino anchovy stuffed olive is, without reservation, the finest olive that can be had. The price is reasonable and the size of the olive is larger than any other brand. I use this olive in my Beefeater martinis. It does not get any better than this!"

Sandie  5 Star Rating

Diana  5 Star Rating
"Delicious Olives!! Well worth the money!"

Fros  5 Star Rating
"A little on the expensive side per can, but you get what you pay for, and in this case it's a top notch product. "

Africa Saddler  5 Star Rating

Charles  5 Star Rating
"Delicious and different. Two of these go in each Martini."

keith  5 Star Rating

cheryl  5 Star Rating

Richard White  4 Star Rating
"really good"

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