2 Packages of Almond Butter by Oro Liquido
  • With chunks of almond
  • All natural roasted Marcona almonds
  • Just almonds and sea salt
  • Healthy, delicious spread
  • Great with fruit
  • Size - 2 x 9.17 oz/260 gr

This almond butter is truly exceptional. Spain’s buttery Marcona almonds are roasted and crushed together, with just a pinch of sea salt, to create this pure, savory spread. Affectionately known as ‘oro liquido’ or liquid gold, the name is an apt one: this rich almond spread is highly prized!

Made in Spain, this almond butter is far superior to any other spreads you might have tasted. It’s created using top local Marcona almonds, where only the most plump nuts are selected to be roasted. The freshly roasted almonds are beaten into this butter, with plenty of crunchy pieces to make its texture far more complex and delicious. The only ingredients used are the almonds and sea salt, so the purest almond flavors are captured. You may notice a hint of sweet in the spread, which comes from the remarkable almonds themselves!

Spread it thickly across warm bread and savor its pure flavor! You can also spread it on crackers with sliced Pajarero figs, or enjoy it on morning toast in place of butter. This gorgeous spread is certainly a welcome way to begin the day!

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    "Wonderful almond flavor! I love this almond butter!"

    Kathleen Guinn - Pittsburgh, PA

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