Flower Honey 'Ulmo' from Chile
  • Specialty honey produced in the Andes
  • Raw honey
  • From the aromatic “Ulmo” flowers
  • Size - 8.8 oz

Chilean producers bring this 100 % natural and raw flower honey from the Ulmo tree. The Ulmo tree whose natural habitat is the Andes range, grows in Chile and Argentina and its aromatic ivory flowers produce a special nectar which is converted to honey by the bees.This special honey has long been a secret of the Mapuche people, who have harvested the honey this way for generations. It has a creamy texture and delicate fragrance, to be enjoyed as a spread, sweetener or any recipe. You’ll swear there is butter blended in! Flower Honey Ulmo was the winner product of the 2007 Fancy Food Show.


Ulmo honey from Chile.

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Customer Reviews

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    "very good honey. the flavor is almost as leatherwood. "

    don trieu - edmonton, AB

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    "This honey is one of the best in the world. I am sorry for the person that gave this honey a low rating. They really don't know honey. "

    Rosalinda Iacovitti - Walden, NY

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    "A very pure, outstanding taste."


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    "It came with the paper seal broken. The jar is NOT the one pictured in your order and is thick and very sugary. Is this the real Ulmo Honey?? NOTE FROM TIENDA: This is a thick, and opaque honey. Almost buttery in texture, it is unlike any other honey we have tried. One of our favorites."

    edith ullmer

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