3 Packages of Hojaldres Triangulitos Crisps by Hojalmar
  • Light, crispy pastry
  • Toasted with a sugar glaze
  • Made by largest producer in Argentina
  • Produced since 1960
  • Size - 3 x 8.3 oz/250 g

Hojaldre puff pastry by Hojalmar is a traditional, light, flaky pastry with a toasted sugar glaze. In Argentina it is served much like cookies or other pastry - with a cup of coffee or milk as a sweet treat. These hojaldres are very light and crispy, made from a classic Argentinean recipe.

Hojaldre comes from the Arabic tradition of folding thin layers of dough with thin layers of oil between each. The most famous example is phyllo pastries. Tradition has it that the Moors in Spain introduced a version made with olive oil, which eventually was adapted by Europeans to include butter or other animal fat. The croissant is another example of an hojaldre-like pastry, though it is not as crispy as this style.

Europeans of Italian and German descent introduced this delicious tradition to Argentina, where it is a favorite of children and adults alike. Serve with tea or coffee, or as a dessert.


Wheat flour, sugar, margarine (tallow fat, water, preservatives (potassium sorbate, bht), tallow fat, artificial flavor (vanilla). Contains wheat.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 4 pieces (33g). Servings per container about 8. Calories 170. Calories from fat 90. Total fat 10g (15% DV), Saturated fat 2g (10% DV), Trans fat 3g, Cholesterol 10mg (4% DV), Sodium 105mg (4%), Total carbohydrate 18g (6% DV), Dietary fiber 1g (5%DV), Sugars 10g and Protein 2g. Vitamin A 1% and C 0% DV, Calcium 5% DV, Iron 1% DV. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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