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Organic Coca Tea (100 Tea Bags)

Organic Coca Tea (100 Tea Bags)

$66.95 L-BV-07


  • True coca tea from Bolivia
  • Simply soak in hot water
  • Mildly stimulating without the edge of coffee
  • Completely legal
  • Size - 100 Tea Bags

For thousands of years the people of the Andes have enjoyed the stimulating effects of natural coca leaves. Brewed in hot water, these leaves create a pleasant herbal tea, common throughout Bolivia.

Unfortunately illegal concoctions have given coca a bad name. It would take a huge amount of coca leaves to produce cocaine, and a lot of toxic additives. The only thing they have in common is their stimulant nature.

Coca tea promotes alertness and sense of well being without the jangly edge of coffee. Enjoy much as you would any other type of tea: soak for five minutes in boiling hot water and sip. We like to add a little honey for sweetness.


coca tea

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews

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Lucy - TINLEY PARK, IL  4 Star Rating

Renato S. - Las Vegas, NV  5 Star Rating
"I add a bag or two of these coca tea to my mug of White Peony White Tea and I transform into a happy camper. It adds complexity to my favorite teas. By itself, it has its own characteristics, but mixed with my white or green teas....Superb!!"

nightcrawler  5 Star Rating
"mellow character good with a drop of honey"

glenn  5 Star Rating
"mild, refreshing tea. "

Tea Lover  5 Star Rating
"Great Stuff!"

michael r simon  4 Star Rating

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