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Sliced Jamón Ibérico by Peregrino

Sliced Jamón Ibérico by Peregrino

True Ibérico Ham by Peregrino, Freshly Sliced - 3 oz

$24.95 JM-23


  • 'Pata Negra' Ibérico ham
  • Freshly sliced from whole hams daily
  • Aged for over 2 years
  • Mountain cured in Spain
  • Size - 3 ounces

Jamón Ibérico is the crown jewel of Spanish cuisine. These slices of delectable Spanish ham are packed with complexity: like an aged Manchego cheese or a glass of fine wine, each bite has many layers of flavor. Ibérico ham has very little salt, allowing the levels of taste to take center stage. Serve on a warm plate with good bread and a fine wine.

We slice imported Ibérico ham daily at La Tienda so that you can enjoy the freshest jamón possible. Our manually operated slicers cut extra thin slices from naturally shaped hams. We take pride in making the extra effort for you to enjoy the authentic flavor of Spain.

Ibérico is the name of the famous breed of black pig indigenous to Spain. It is sometimes known as 'pata negra' or 'Jabugo', referring to a famous ham town. There are two levels of quality depending on how the animals are raised. This sliced ham is from Ibérico pigs that lived the normal livestock life, enjoying regular feed. The ultimate quality is called Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, which is made from free range Ibérico pigs that feast on acorns ('bellota') in the fall. It usually costs twice as much as normal Ibérico and is also available.

Ibérico ham is hung to cure for two to three years in the mountains of Spain. As the seasons change from the cold of winter through spring and summer, 40% of the fat melts away, bathing the ham in flavor. As the second year passes, the ham undergoes complex changes that produce incredible layers of flavor. The result is a tender and delicious ham, deep red in color with a very mild saltiness.

Every day we slice Jamón Ibérico from whole hams here at La Tienda. We import the hams bone-in and de-bone them here, so they are as fresh as possible.

Most other sliced jamón on the market is de-boned in Spain and pressure formed into a rectangular loaf. They are then frozen and cut on a high-speed industrial slicer, often months before they are purchased. This type of treatment breaks down the quality and flavor of the ham, which is why we take the slow method, using manually operated slicers to cut naturally shaped hams. We guarantee you will taste the difference!


Iberico pork, salt and seasoning (sugar, trisodium citrate, potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite). USDA inspected.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 20 reviews

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DP - Waxhax, North Carolina  4 Star Rating

Laura - Port Murray, NJ  5 Star Rating

"Best ham in the world."


"Jamon was delicious, but a little fattier than I would have liked."

Ester Codina Galan - Ridgewood, NJ  3 Star Rating

Luis Kolb - Fremont, California  5 Star Rating

Robert - Gardena, California  5 Star Rating

Mybagsrpackd - Columbia, South Carolina  5 Star Rating
"Exactly like the delicious Jamon we enjoyed in Spain--flavorful, complex, and beautiful. It may be against tradition, but I prefer this to the Iberico de bellota, which has a stronger flavor. This is is gentle perfection."

James  5 Star Rating
"The sliced Jamon Iberico was perfect."

cz  5 Star Rating
"absolutely delicious! close your eyes, take and bite and you are back in Spain!"

oanne suarez finegan  3 Star Rating
"Not like I've tasted & enjoyed in Spain, it's OK & very salty!"

Polly  5 Star Rating
"The real thing."

Tod A. Daniels  5 Star Rating
"Excellent!!It took me back to Badajoz."

cynthia johnson  5 Star Rating
"melt in your mouth delicious!!"

Different  2 Star Rating
"Didn't like the odd taste (sort of rancid) within the fat portion. The meat portion had a few fine salt crystals on each slice, perhaps that's the way it is supposed to be, anyway this part tasted good. Won't be reordering it because of funny taste of the fat."

Carmen Alvarez  5 Star Rating
"This was excellent! "

luis angulo  5 Star Rating

c.h.block  5 Star Rating
"wish you offered jamon of other spanish producers also "

James R  5 Star Rating
"You can't go wrong here. Light flavors that give a rich feeling to your mouth."

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