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Sliced Serrano Ham by Peregrino

Sliced Serrano Ham by Peregrino

Cured Jamón from Spain - Thinly Sliced Fresh at La Tienda

$18.95 JM-01


  • Freshly sliced daily at our facilities
  • Spain’s most popular ham
  • Cured in Spain, 12-18 months
  • Open and serve at room temperature
  • USDA inspected
  • Size - 6 oz package

Jamón Serrano is a passion in Spain, where every restaurant and tapas bar features Serrano hams ready to be sliced. The hams are cured for well over a year in the mountains of Spain, and have a complex flavor and mild saltiness that make jamón one of our favorite tapas. We slice imported ham extra thinly, so that you can enjoy the true taste Serrano. And since we slice daily, our Peregrino jamón is the freshest you can get.

Our favorite way to enjoy Jamón Serrano is simple - on a warm platter with some good crusty bread and a glass of Spanish wine. A bocadillo sandwich is another classic Spanish treat – simply cut a fresh baguette in half, drizzle with olive oil and add sliced Serrano ham, perhaps with some slices of Manchego cheese. Once you get the taste for jamón, there are dozens of ways to enjoy it – wrapped around melon, diced and cooked with vegetables, sprinkled on fresh salads or added to paella or pasta, to name a few.

Over thousands of years the people of Spain developed the ideal method to preserve ham as a way to save meat for the coming winter. The hams are salted, and then hung in mountain curing rooms where they experience the changing seasons, losing up to 40% of their fat and developing deep, complex flavors. They continue to be cured using these same techniques, albeit with the benefits of modern technology.

We are proud to offer the freshest sliced jamón in the country. Instead of buying sliced meat in Spain, we bring the hams to our facilities and slice them weekly to ensure the freshest most flavorful Serrano you can buy. Our sliced Serrano ham is fully cured and ready to serve with no cooking necessary. In the original unopened package, these slices will stay fresh for weeks, if not longer.


Ham, sea salt, sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate.

Nutritional Information

Serving size, 1oz. (28g) Servings per container, 4. Calories 280, calories from fat 30. Total fat 3.5g (6%), saturated fat 1g (6%), cholesterol 30mg (10%), Sodium 310mg (13%), total carbs 0g (0%), protein 9g. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 55 reviews

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"OMG I could just sit down and eat the whole package my self"

Olga Barrios - WILLIAMSVILLE, NY  5 Star Rating

Jose C - Raleigh, NC  3 Star Rating

Mark Bass - Portage, MI  4 Star Rating
"More tender than the Iberico, and I liked the flavor very much! A little goes a long way, though."

"Perfect, the ham was just like what I recently had in Spain. "

Pilar Vasbinder - JACKSON, NJ  4 Star Rating

ROBERT CONABOY - RENO, Nevada  5 Star Rating
"The best jamon I've ever tasted!"

Andrew Hnath - Loganville, GA  4 Star Rating
"Great product! Just got back from Barcelona and wanted my wife to try some of Spain's amazing cuisine. This was spot on!"

Ana Maria Gutierrez - Arlington, VA  5 Star Rating
" delicious"

joseph west - moncks corner, SC  5 Star Rating

STEPHEN AMBROSE - Longmomt, CO  5 Star Rating
"Perfect - Just like Spain Thank you"

"Good, but not like having it fresh in Spain."


Carole Rodero - Fairfax, VA  5 Star Rating

"great taste and flavor"

Marina Bounds - Drexel Hill, PA  5 Star Rating
"Very good."

MARSHA GONZALEZ - Deland, FL  5 Star Rating

"Loved the taste. Outstanding."

Wil Perdomo - Oceanside, CA  5 Star Rating

jordan schultz - Lopez Island, WA  5 Star Rating

Maria Posadas - Lindenhurst, NY  5 Star Rating

Lee - Honolulu, Hawaii  4 Star Rating
"Good and flavorful. Almost like in the Spanish tapa restaurants."

cynthia kimmel - asheville, North Carolina  5 Star Rating

Robert - Gardena, California  5 Star Rating
"Perfect for all holiday traditions."

mmny - South Setauket, New York  5 Star Rating
"My husband and I paired this with a nice rioja and ate this as tapas with the manchego cheese. Delicious is an understatement! Next time we want to try the iberico and iberico de bellota."

J Scheumann - Hoagland, Indiana  2 Star Rating
"I'm sure this is a wonderful ham, however, we couldn't get used to it. It wasn't what I expected. "

Nancy - Leominster, Massachusetts  3 Star Rating

Carol S. - CAMDEN, New Jersey  5 Star Rating
"I enjoy this and keep thinking of new ways to use it. Jamon Serrano--excellent. What I most like is being able to purchase a smaller amount that suits my needs. Thank you, Don!!!"

Fatima Carreira - Lincoln University, Pennsylvania  5 Star Rating
"This is a must if you want a tasteful sandwich!"

Edward - Shelton, Connecticut  5 Star Rating
"This jamon makes fabulous sandwiches. Add a little Manchego and you approach perfection!"

Sherri Zufall - Arvada, Colorado  5 Star Rating
"Truly Great!"

James - Tampa, Florida  5 Star Rating
"Excellent. Just returned from Spain May 2012 and discovered La Tienda. Thanks for providing the real deal!"

Nico  3 Star Rating

Diane  5 Star Rating
"We never had tried this before. It arrived cool in the shipping container. We found it to be very good and tasty."

Linda  5 Star Rating
"We didn't care for this in raw form, but fried crisp, it is outstanding!"

Brad Pabian  5 Star Rating

Jaime  4 Star Rating

didi  4 Star Rating
"Very nice Serrano ham. Similar to what I had in Madrid."

Tod A. Daniels  5 Star Rating
"Reeely, Reeely GOOD!!"

Yum, Yum in CA  5 Star Rating
"Found out I really enjoy Sliced Jamon Serrano. It is soooooo good, I will definitely order it again."

ggottloeb  4 Star Rating
"very good, wrapped well"

Jeff  5 Star Rating
"Wrapped these slices around shrimp and grilled for an appetizer. Delicious flavor. "

Lebron,W.  4 Star Rating

Manel  4 Star Rating
"It's a great Jamon Serrano, taste really good, with the perfect salt point. It reminds me all Jamon I've been eating all my live in Spain. Maybe would be perfect if the package comes with plastic film between Jamon slices to make easy to separate the slices before eating."

Susan  4 Star Rating
"Eating this makes me feel like I'm back in Spain. I love the flavor of this ham. I wonder if the caloric content information on the package is correct. When I checked other sources, it seemed to be lower. "

Miguel  2 Star Rating
"Not as expected. Sorry."

Diane  5 Star Rating
"Excellent quality--just like I remembered from my time living in Madrid! I will definitely be ordering this product again. "

Karel  5 Star Rating

Sharyl Perkett  5 Star Rating

Jeremy  2 Star Rating
"The jamon was lacking in taste for my preference, due maybe to the preservatives. The ham is decent though."

Linda Gunther  4 Star Rating

s. cook  5 Star Rating
"Excellent flavor and lean"

Steve Carlson  5 Star Rating
"it shipped very well, in an ice pack, and was fresh and flavorful, right on time for a party I threw"

Dennis E Kenney  5 Star Rating
"The best"

Patrick Querry  4 Star Rating
"A favorite......"

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