2 Jars of Orange Blossom Honey by Mitica
  • Bright, floral honey
  • Honey from orange blossom nectar
  • Raw, not pasteurized
  • Size - 2 x 7 oz/200 g

This delicious raw honey is harvested from aromatic orange blossom nectar and is one of the most delightful flavors of honey we’ve ever tasted. It is remarkably different from any honey you might find in the grocery store, and we like to think of it as Spain’s own ‘liquid gold’!

Local beekeepers bring their hives to feast on the nectar of Spain’s millions of orange trees. When the blossoms fall, the honey is harvested so that the pure orange blossom flavor is captured within.

This particular honey is raw, meaning it hasn’t been heat-treated, which can diminish its flavor and health benefits. It is quite light in color, with subtle notes of orange blossom. It’s a wonderful accompaniment with cheese, particularly aged Manchego or even blue cheese from Valdéon. The sweet-savory combination of flavors is a delight for the senses!

The artisan producer encases the honey in a beautiful glass jar with a glass top. This elegant packaging befits honey of this quality, and makes a wonderful housewarming gift or treat for those longing for a taste of Spain.

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Customer Reviews

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    "real orange honey flavor, very natural"

    Rafael Gil Diaz - Saint Louis, MO

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    "Absolutely love this honey. The aroma alone takes me back to Seville. "

    Tom George - El Dorado, CA

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    "Best I had in a very long time, simply perfect!"

    D Caron - Kelowna, BC

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