Arrope - Traditional Sweet Sauce
  • Pumpkin pieces in grape syrup
  • Handmade
  • Distinctive Spanish preserve
  • Size - 8.4 oz

Arrope is an authentic Valencian sweet preserve with roots hundreds of years in the past. This artisan-crafted sauce is made by boiling sweet pumpkins in grape must (the pulpy juice of wine-destined grapes). The result is small, firm chunks of pumpkin reduced in a sweet wine caramel sauce. There is no sugar added, as the candied flavor is derived from the melding of the wine and pumpkin. This natural process yields a luscious syrup, which you can use as a glaze for pork, duck or lamb. You may also serve it with fresh goat's cheese and crusty bread, or, enjoy as an exotic substitute for caramel on vanilla ice cream!

This hand-made Arrope preserve was prepared for you in the interior El Valle d'Albaida in the Community of Valencia.


Grape must and pumpkin. Contains no preservatives, coloring or stabilizers.

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    "Too sugary, with glucose syrup to boot!"

    Sergio Cervetti - Doylestown

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    "this is insanely good--a little bit in greek yogurt is just fabulous. i have to keep myself from eating it straight-up. wow..."


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