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2 Packages of Morcilla de Burgos - Black Sausage with Rice

2 Packages of Morcilla de Burgos - Black Sausage with Rice

Two Large 12.9 Ounce Sausages - U.S. Made

$20.95 CZ-54-2

SALE PRICE: $17.95


  • Made with traditional Spanish recipe
  • Produced in U.S.
  • Fantastic grilled or served with eggs
  • Size - 2 x 12.9 oz/365 g

Morcilla black sausage can be found served at tapas bars throughout Spain and it is used in nearly every Spanish kitchen. This style, Morcilla de Burgos, is made with rice and is extremely popular in Madrid.

Also known as blood sausage, this particular morcilla is made with pork, onions and rice. Our favorite way to enjoy it is sliced, then grilled or fried in olive oil. Morcilla is also an important ingredient in 'cocidos', a Spanish term for simmered bean and meat stews.

Our Morcilla de Burgos is made domestically by Quixote. Each package contains one large sausage about 2.5 inches in diameter - more than enough for your next fabada!

You may store morcilla in the refrigerator for up to a week, or in the freezer for up to 60 days. Cook to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


Cooked rice, pork, water, seasoning mix (blood powder, salt, spices, garlic, sugar), onions, sodium nitrite, beef natural casing.

Nutritional Information

Serving size, 1 oz. (28g) Servings per container, varies. Calories 120, calories from fat 22.5. Total fat 2.5g (15%), saturated fat 1g (5%), trans fat 0g (0%), cholesterol 10mg (3%), Sodium 210mg (9%), total carbs 6g (2%), protein 2g. Vitamin A 20%, Vitamin C 4%, Calcium 4%, Iron 6%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Average Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 based on 21 reviews

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Paul McGowan - Taylorsville, CA  5 Star Rating

"Just as I remember from childhood...sabroso!!!"

Natasha V. - NYC, New York  5 Star Rating
"SOO, SOO, bloody GREAT! I can cook and this item is absolutely delicious! Great value for this gourmet product. Absolutely thee best blood sausage I've had, & it was packed beautifully. Thank you again La Tienda. You & your food & other items are THE BEST. Thank you again. Cheers all! "

Angela Mojica - Madrid - Alexandria, VA  5 Star Rating

Lopez - CANTON, OH  4 Star Rating


FCharro - Austin  1 Star Rating
"This morcilla is good in terms of size and consistence, and it's great broiled in the oven. However I found it somehow disappointing, I am from Spain, and the spices in this recipe of morcilla are definitely not what I know and expected."

"best us made morcilla de burgos"

Lupeta Mahoney - Big Pine, CA  4 Star Rating


FATIMA CARREIRA - Lincoln University, Pennsylvania  5 Star Rating
"Very close to the one I am familiar-Portuguese."

Edelma  1 Star Rating
"I am very sorry but this morcilla is the worst thing that I have buy in my live.It doesn't taste like nothing."

thelma  5 Star Rating
"excellent...so happy I can get sll this food,live in a small town and cant get anything from la madre patria. Thanks a lot "

Cynthia Johnson  4 Star Rating
"Very tasty. My first try of these and I thought they were good. Grilled them and they turned out great! Had a couple slices leftover and used them the next morning with our scrambled eggs! "

Julio  3 Star Rating

Estelle  5 Star Rating
"I have purchased this item many times. The taste is very good and consistant. We really enjoy this morcilla to add to our meals. Thank you and please always keep it in stock. "

ronbe  5 Star Rating
"excellent product, excellent service."

Randy Montz  5 Star Rating
"I've to tell you I lost both of my parents in recent years and this really has brought back some great memories. My parents made it a point to experience the Country and its' culture to the fullest when we lived there. By living off Base, emersred in the everyday lifestyle of Madrid. This is one of those products that immedialtely put me back to the good times. Thank you and your family for sharing your passion of a Country bounding with color and character with us all."

Victor Anaya-Baez  4 Star Rating
"Very good spanish morcilla. Good flavors, excellent balance of spices, and good ratio of blood products to rice/fat. Liked it very much."

Jose A Gonzalez  4 Star Rating
"Good taste & flavorful."

Susan  5 Star Rating
"This sausage is perfectly seasoned and is wonderful when grilled or fried. Although great as a tapas, it is also good as an ingredient in a more substantial dish, such as with lentils. "

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