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2 Packages of Artisan Cooking Chorizo Sausage by Peregrino

2 Packages of Artisan Cooking Chorizo Sausage by Peregrino

Featured in Food and Wine Magazine! Certified Humane Pork

$27.95 CZ-50-2


  • Made with Spanish spices & free range pork
  • Mild, semi-cured cooking sausage
  • Delicious grilled or in paella
  • Free range, humanely raised pork
  • U.S. made
  • Size - 2 x 12 oz/340 g - 8 Links Total

Our artisan cooking chorizo grills up juicy and full of smoky Spanish flavor! We make small batches of authentic chorizo sausage using top quality heritage pork and smoked Pimentón de La Vera paprika. Food and Wine Magazine named it the 'Best New BBQ Sausage'.

We partnered with a small family company here in Virginia to create an authentic Spanish chorizo using only the finest ingredients. Smoked Spanish paprika, sea salt from Cadiz, fresh garlic and other top quality spices impart the true flavor of Spain. The paprika adds a mild yet smoky taste to the sausage and it cooks up tender and juicy.

Our Peregrino cooking chorizo is made from 100% free-range heritage pork, certified humane. The animals are given no antibiotics or growth hormones and no animal byproducts are added to their feed. The pigs are raised under humane conditions and get plenty of exercise. The pork is much more flavorful than industrial pork - happier pigs means tastier pork!

This chorizo is great on the grill and perfect for your next Spanish paella. It can also be enjoyed as a breakfast sausage or simmered in red wine.

Your chorizo will arrive cold. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week or for up to 8 weeks in the freezer. U.S. Made.


Heritage pork, smoked Spanish paprika, Spanish sea salt, fresh garlic, nonfat dry milk, sodium nitrite, spices, natural hog casings.

Nutritional Information

Serving size, 3oz (84g). Servings per container, 4. Calories 260, calories from fat 200. Total fat 22g (34%), sat. fat 8g (40%), cholesterol 55mg (18%), sodium 740mg (18%), total carbs 2g (1%), fiber 1g (4%), sugars 1g, protein 13g. Vitamin A 20%, Vitamin C 4%, calcium 4%, iron 6%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 57 reviews

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victor brandt - calabasas, CA  3 Star Rating

Armando Perruc - New Hartford  5 Star Rating
"I am never disappointed in the Artisan Chorizo."

Robert Meagher - Greenfield, NH  5 Star Rating
"Authentic flavor, was great on the grill."

Frank Araujo - Sacramento, California  5 Star Rating
"Bien excelente"

Robert Mayer - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts  4 Star Rating


Drew Mello - Sebastian, FL  5 Star Rating

Susana Garten - Rockville, MD  5 Star Rating

"The Chorizo sausage arrived fresh and it was delicious in my paella."

lynne - evanston, IL  5 Star Rating
"I bought these for paella since I like cooking chorizo as well as the harder cured chorizo in mine. They didn't make it...we ate them and had to reorder. Smoky, delicious, incredible flavor."

George Kirby - MAHWAH, NJ  5 Star Rating

"These Artisan sausages and fabada beans are absolutely wonderful. After our recent trip to Spain I wanted to see if I could get close to duplicating the meal. Happily the ingredients were perfection. I will be ordering more and more. "

Michael Frank - Seattle, WA  4 Star Rating

Ines Peek - Selden, NY  5 Star Rating
"Delicious sausage, giving great flavor to my dishes."

Frederick Locke - Wilmington, NC  5 Star Rating


Charlie Diaz - Huntersville, NC  3 Star Rating
"Good but certainly not the "real deal" like what you get in Spain. Unfortunately, it's the best we can get living in the U.S."

Eric Henson - Woodbridge  5 Star Rating
"This is the most flavorful cooking chorizo I've ever tasted. It's now my go-to when I need or want chorizo in a dish."

TIMOTHY MICHEL - Chicago, IL  5 Star Rating


Michael Boggan - Kingsport, TN  5 Star Rating

pamela ORTIZ - COLUMBUS, IN  5 Star Rating

jk - KETCHUM, ID  4 Star Rating
"they were delicious, but disappointed that it has sodium nitrate in them"

Hildelitha Barrientos - Plainfield, IL  5 Star Rating
"Excellent tasting chorizo. Would go well with pasta and any rice dishes. The chorizo gives a balance flavor of the spices along with the ground pork mixture. I highly recommend this chorizo sausage. It's truly special."

Ron Michels - Livermore, CA  5 Star Rating

Lupeta Mahoney - Big Pine, CA  5 Star Rating
"Best Chorizo I have ever had. If you think you don't like Chorizo you have never tasted this Chorizo!"

"can always count on your company for great and wonderful service and quality"

Rose Oittinen - Granite Falls, WA  4 Star Rating
"Very authentic tasting chorizo, excellent with lentejas and also fried in chunks and served with crusty bread. Yummy!"

MARY QUINN - RENO, NV  5 Star Rating

Terry Roberts - Farmington, CT  4 Star Rating
"Good product"

Gemma - Indianapolis, IN  5 Star Rating

John Wass - Lexington, MA  4 Star Rating

Bill Woodhouse - Hampstead, North Carolina  5 Star Rating
"perfect for paella, huevos a la flamenca and so many dishes calling for a condiment level chorizo component"

Kristine Hazzard - Hinsdale, Massachusetts  4 Star Rating

Cecilia Benz - Chicago, Illinois  5 Star Rating
"always delicious! "

Stephane Girois - Norfolk, Virginia  5 Star Rating
"Absolutely amazing taste. Will definitely reorder"

Fatima carreira - Lincoln University, Pennsylvania  5 Star Rating
"I shared it with my sons and we all like it very much."

Dr. Barbie - Yucca Valley, California  5 Star Rating
"The best Chorizo Sausage that we have experienced since moving back from Barcelona. My husband's Paella is out of this world and this Chorizo adds immensely to the flavor. Also delicious with eggs for breakfast. "

Christine Frances - Mankato, Minnesota  5 Star Rating
"This delicious chorizo came packed with ice bags to keep it fresh. It was wonderful marinated in Rioja and then roasted in a slow oven. Made great pinchos!"

Richard L. Martinez  5 Star Rating
"Excellent, delicious. This is the chorizo I grew up with, and loved eating. We will be ordering more. One review noted in a sauce, sounds great and will try. We have enjoyed all the products we have purchased. Thank you La Tienda. "

Yeye Holguin  5 Star Rating
"Delicioso chorizo, la textura y el sabor le dan gran calidad ."

Walt B  5 Star Rating
"These are the best cooking chorizos we have ever tried. My wife and I enjoyed them very much."

jeff  5 Star Rating
"Great on the BBQ"

abelardo gonzalez  5 Star Rating
"Excellent for Paella, not greasy. We removed the outer skin and threw into the pan where we coarsely smashed it with a large kitchen spoon and turned out great"

Arte  5 Star Rating
"I have been making a killer paella for years. But these sausages raised it to the next level. I can't wait to do it again."

Sharyl Perkett  5 Star Rating

Fatima R  5 Star Rating
"Probably the best chorizo I've tasted! The seasoning is just right. Even my "picky" guests enjoyed it. "

JMG  4 Star Rating
"Great sausage..."

david Quinones  4 Star Rating

Carlos C.  5 Star Rating
"These sausages were so great on the grill, we always serve sausages at our BBQ and these have been by far the best sausages we have served."

Howard Ludecker  5 Star Rating

hans gartner  3 Star Rating

agnet  5 Star Rating
"These are great. Have used them for breakfast, appetizers, fritatas and Spanish rice. Great on the grill also with whatever veggie you throw on."

Tony Garcia  4 Star Rating
"Great chorizos. Perfect for frying and eating by itself or using in eggs, etc. Much softer than other chorizos offered on this site. Very tasty."

Luis  5 Star Rating
"Excellent! We fry it and almost at the very end add some nice red wine and it makes a great appetizer. Make sure you have lots of bread to dip up the juice! Also try it in pasta sauce - delicious!"

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