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Chorizo Superior (Cantimpalo Style)

Chorizo Superior (Cantimpalo Style)

Quijote Brand - U.S. Made

$17.95 CZ-04

SALE PRICE: $15.95


  • Quijote brand sausage
  • Thick slicing chorizo, USDA inspected
  • Pairs well with Manchego cheese
  • Size - Approx. 1 lb/450 g

This delicious chorizo is made in a style typical of the area around Salamanca and Cantimpalo. The 1.5 inch thick, foot-long chorizo requires no preparation and is ready to eat. Slice it thinly for a tapa with Manchego cheese, or as the basis of a sandwich / bocadillo.

This chorizo is made domestically following a Spanish recipe, using imported seasonings. Quijote chorizo is a favorite in the Tienda community. (U.S. made.)


Pork, salt, water, paprika, nonfat dry milk dextrose, garlic, lactic acid starter culture, oleoresin (paprika), asorbic acid, sodium nitrite, vegetable oil, (corn oil), glyceryl monooleate, propylene glycol, BHT, TBHQ, citric acid, pork natural casing.

Nutritional Information

Serving size, 1oz. (28g) Servings per container, 16. Calories 110, calories from fat 70. Total fat 8g (12%), saturated fat 2.5g (13%), cholesterol 25mg (8%), Sodium 340mg (14%), total carbs 1g (14%), fiber 0g (0%), sugars 0 mg (0%), protein 5g. Vitamin A 8%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 2%, Iron 2%. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 29 reviews

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Michael Quimby - Mongomery, AL  5 Star Rating

vineman - Napa, California  5 Star Rating
"Love this chorizo, reminds me of my childhood when we would visit my grandmother, she always had chorizo."

silvestre baez - brooklyn, NY  5 Star Rating
"muy buen producto"

Louis Godoy - Upper Chichester, PA  5 Star Rating

David Sobczyk - Boise, ID  5 Star Rating
"That is the best chorizo I have ever eaten. Good delivery time."

patricia fowler - brooklin  5 Star Rating
"a tasty dry chorizo, perfect sliced very thin or dotted into eggs, pasta sauces, salads--only needs a good manchego and wine for companions."

Jesus Gonzalez - Banks, OR  5 Star Rating

daniel bernt - mt.angel, OR  4 Star Rating

Deb Matthews - waynesville, NC  5 Star Rating
"This is my husbands favorite Chorizo!!"

Vernon Carlsen - MOUNT MORRIS, IL  4 Star Rating

Lisa Ramaci - New York, NY  5 Star Rating
"A great snack with cheese and crackers. Not fatty, like a good Spanish salami."

Patricia Hempey - Kapaa, HI  5 Star Rating
"very good tasting chorizo, sliced thinly and fully appreciated"

Rodolfo LeonPaez - Redding, CT  5 Star Rating

JEREMY FINKELSTEIN - New York, NY  3 Star Rating

Javier Palomares - Asheville, NC  3 Star Rating

BRUCE VALDEZ - Myrtle Beach, SC  5 Star Rating
"This is my favorite!"

Elizabeth Taylor - Locust Grove, AR  4 Star Rating

Frank Irizarry - New York, NY  4 Star Rating

Eduardo Torrado - rochester, NY  5 Star Rating

Bill Suarez - Holliston, Massachusetts  5 Star Rating
"Excellent for snacking and works great as a seasoning when browned in olive oil too!"

wild bill - Fairfax, Virginia  5 Star Rating

Mike Hitchcock  5 Star Rating
"As the name implies, this is a superior Chorizo. The fat to lean ratio is perfect. The texture is firm, but not rock hard. It slices beautifully for tapas, quesadillas, or tortas. Nice blend of spices, with the paprika not overwhelming the sausage. "

Dave  2 Star Rating
"I'm surprised by all the good reviews. I was disappointed with this chorizo; it doesn't even come close to chorizo in Spain. Next time I'll spend the extra $3 to try a cantipalo that's made in Spain."

Mike  5 Star Rating
"Excellent flavor, firm but not tough."

Victor Anaya-Baez  5 Star Rating
"Delicioso! This is a simple recipe; yet so delicious I just invited friends over to try it. Perfect balance of spices, salt, meat, fat, and smokiness. Well dried and hard as it should be. The best Cantimpalo I have had in a long time. This I love with red wine, crusty bread, and cured Spanish cheese."

Grace Bartolotti,La Ranch  5 Star Rating
" The closest to any made in Spain, second to none: Fantastic, on a scale of one to ten, a BIG 10! "

Marlene  4 Star Rating
"Pleasant flavor"

Rob  5 Star Rating

Gerardo Fernandez  5 Star Rating

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