Pecado Chocolate Fig Bars (4 Bars)
  • Dark chocolate shell
  • Chewy fig center
  • Delicious, healthy snack
  • 85% dried figs
  • From the makers of Rabitos Royale
  • Size - 4 x 1.5 oz/42.5 gr

This Pecado bar combines the sweet, natural flavor of delicate pajarero figs with a thin layer of rich dark chocolate, a match made in heaven.

Each bar is 85% pajarero fig - a sweet, mild fig famous in Extremadura, in western Spain. These little figs are pureed into a crunchy sweet bar and then dipped in creamy chocolate with a touch of orange brandy and vanilla.

Enjoy your healthy fruit with a touch of decadent chocolate with this delicious snack!


Dried fig paste (dried figs, inverted sugar, chocolate (cocoa mass, 54% min), sugar cocoa butter, soy lecithin as an emulsifier, vanilla), cream, flavors (orange, brandy <0.1%), coating 15% (sugar, semi-skimmed cocoa powder, fractionated vegetable oil, soy lecithin as an emulsifier, vanilla). No preservatives or chemical additives

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    "Delicious fig treat"


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