Rabitos Royale Gourmet Dark Chocolate-Stuffed Fig Bonbons (9 Pieces)
  • 9 individually wrapped bonbons
  • Figs infused with dark chocolate and brandy
  • NY Fancy Food Show: Best Confection 2006

Rabitos are an unusually tasty gift for friends and family – and nice to have around for yourself. This box of nine Rabitos makes an inspired alternative to the usual box of chocolates. What a wonderful way to eat a healthy fig! (A great rationalization when you reach for your third one!)

The rich dark chocolate / brandy mousse inside the Rabito nicely accents the delicate sweetness of the baby fig. It is an inspired juxtaposition of flavors.

A culinary masterpiece, it earned the Best Confection in Show honor at the Fancy Food Show in New York – no mean accomplishment for the folks of a remote town in Extremadura! The Valero family knocked the socks off all the sophisticated big city confectioners!

Rabitos Royale is an amazing product – perhaps our favorite chocolate creation from Spain. They have won immediate acclaim from our La Tienda community. But don’t take their word for it; when you try one we are confident that they will become a favorite of yours.

Raquel and Señador Valero conceived of this extraordinary treat, while living among the fig trees of a small village in southwestern Spain. They select tender young figs from the neighboring groves and fill them with a mousse made of dark chocolate and a hint of brandy.

Each one is then hand dipped in even more rich dark chocolate! Finally each individual Rabito Bonbon is sealed in a foil envelope so that it will always taste as fresh as the day they were made.


Dried fig, liquid cream, glucose syrup, brandy liquor, chocolate.

Nutritional Information

Content: 9 Fig bom bon. Net weight: 142 grs.

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May We Suggest

Customer Reviews

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    "These are amazing and great for an after dinner treat!"

    Marlys Steindl - Kent, WA

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    "These transport you to Dark Chocolate Fig heaven!"


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    Eric Henson - Woodbridge

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    wendy lane - gaithersburg

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    Norma Martin - Wilmington, DE

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    "Muchas gracias! "


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    "One of the best chocolate candies I have ever tried. Incredibly decadent. Luxurious mouthfeel. These are swoon-worthy. "

    Dee - Tampa, Florida

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    Domingo - Los Angeles, California

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    "Wonderful gifts for my "Italian" family and friends.....We couldn't be in Italy to pick the fresh figs this year, so these were a wonderful treat."

    Olivia - Grnat, New York

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    "I love figs, and chocolate, so the combination is unbeatable! They are my favorite 'healthy' treat - and I don't feel a bit guilty having one each day (I bought A LOT and keep them refridgerated in a special jar :)"

    Sue - Merritt Island, Florida

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    "I get Rabitos for my wife on special occasions. She absolutely loves them! I can't tell you how easy you have made it for me to shop for just the right gift!"

    Bill Spears - Roanoke, Virginia

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    "As a life-long lover of figs & fine chocolate I knew that 'Rabitos Royal Gourmet Dark Chocolate-Stuffed Fig Bonbons would be delicious. They are my favorite chocolate treat of my entire life. My son & daughter-in-law gave them to me for Christmas."

    Mary Durtschi

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    "These are so special and no guilt. It is the perfect gift for a gourmet. Sure to please. Only disappointment is that they are currently out of stock"


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    "Perfection in every bite-can't get enough of these! Thought they might be too sweet but they are absolutely wonderful!"


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    "I love these. The taste is out of this world. I have send these as gifts, I keep them in the pantry and as my guest leave I send them off with a treat. They are individually wrapped so you can add it to a gift, for over night guest, leave a few in the guest room for them. I use them for so many reasons and every one loves them. "


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    "This is by far my most favorite treats in all the land and if I could afford to eat them everyday for the rest of my life I would! They are absolutely PERFECT! I love love LOVE the Rabitos Royale! "

    Kim Overson

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    "wow - wonderful!"


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    "These are absolutely divine. Try them with a glass of good red wine to end your meal. We will definitely be purchasing more!!!"

    Lori B

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    "These are AMAZING!!!! I just had one tonight while visiting a friend who's a food critic. I get to try all sorts of things on my visits. This one goes on my list of great gifts for the Foodies in your family!"

    Bruce E

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    "If you like figs, you'll love this treat. Indescribably delicious!"

    Carmen Pedreira

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