Arzúa Ulloa Cheese, D.O. - 1.1 Pounds
All Natural

Arzúa Ulloa Cheese, D.O. - 1.1 Pounds

Creamy Cow's Milk Cheese from Galicia

$16.95 cs-98
  • Creamy mild cheese
  • Fresh, subtle flavor
  • Handmade in northern Spain
  • All natural
  • Size - About 1.1 lbs/500 g

Arzúa Ulloa is a creamy, mild cheese handmade in the green countryside of Galicia. This farmhouse cheese is popular across the region for its fresh, rich flavor. We love to serve this cheese on thin crackers with a fresh, young white wine. It also melts beautifully and is perfect for canapés, or stuffed in roasted peppers.

When you cut into the yellow rind, you will find an interior that is ivory white, with a smooth, velvety texture, dotted with occasional holes. It is only cured for 15 days, so the interior remains creamy and smooth. The cheese has a pleasantly fresh dairy aroma.

Arzúa Ulloa is made in the town of Arzúa, and has a protected status (D.O.). It is made with milk from Rubia Gallega, Frisian or Alpine Brown cows that feed on the verdant pastures of the area. The cheese is cured for 15 days, and regularly rubbed with oil.

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Customer Reviews

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    "The cheese was outstanding!"

    Bentley Hite - Belleville, IL

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    "Soft, creamy. Made a good tapa with artisanal crackers."

    Edwin Quinones - Diberville, Mississippi

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    "Just as fresh as what I had while in Galicia this past September."


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    "I bought this for my mom whose mother (my grandmother) came from the basque Region. She grew up hearing about the different cheese from the old country. I like it too, the taste is smooth."

    Gerardine Pelino - Elmhurst, NY

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    angelo torres - philadelphia, PA

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    "Creamy, with buttery flavor."


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