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Crema de Cabrales from Asturias

Crema de Cabrales from Asturias

Cabrales Cheese blended with Asturian Cider

All Natural

$12.95 CS-65

SALE PRICE: $10.95


  • Artisan blue cheese blended with Asturian apple cider
  • Suave, creamy texture
  • Aged in caves near the Cantabrian Sea

Taragañu Crema de Cabrales is all natural Cabrales blue cheese blended with traditional sidra / Asturian apple cider: a match made in heaven!

This creamy blue cheese spread is an elegant appetizer - full of sharp Cabrales flavor with a suave creamy consistency! Serve with fine crackers or crusty bread, fresh fruit and perhaps a glass of cider or white wine. Spread on steak before grilling.

Better still, prepare an unrivaled blue cheese salad dressing with Taragañu Crema de Cabrales: Take ½ jar of Crema de Cabrales (3.5 ounces); thin with 4 oz of apple cider and 2 oz of cream. If you are a purist, just blend 3.5 ounces of the Crema de Cabrales with 8 ounces of fresh cream. ¡Que rico!

Cabrales, a blue cheese made of sheep’s milk is aged in caves overlooking the Cantabrian Sea in northern Spain.

The shepherds, whose flocks are grazing on the cliffs, make the cheese from ewe’s milk and store the freshly formed cheese on rustic shelves within the caves. There the wind and salt spray from the surf below produce and inimitably intense blue cheese such as you have never tasted before.

It is absolutely artisan and natural - a cheese with no artificially introduced mold, as is the case for Bleu and Roquefort cheese.


Cabrales cheese and apple cider from Asturias.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews

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Eduardo Llauger - Dallas, TX  4 Star Rating

"undefinable deliciousness! a dollop and a little cream blended for a perfect butter leaf salad!"

Maurice Hamilburg - Wayland, MA  5 Star Rating
"This is milder than pure cabrales, due to cider. It is also somewhat denser than expected. We thinned it out further with some heavy cream, to make a spread. Excellent."

Marian Davis - LONDON, KY  5 Star Rating
"A bold spread. Nice!"

MONICA Soler Carballo - Princeton, FL  5 Star Rating
"Delicious! Had friends over and was the talk of the night :) thank you for an excellent product! "

John J. Eddy  5 Star Rating
"I was astonished that this extraordinary product drew only one review prior to mine. Cabrales is close to unique among the world's sharper blue cheeses anyway, but, combined with the premium Asturian cider, this one sets a standard of excellence in taste and texture beyond any spread cheese that I have ever tried."

E.Laguna  4 Star Rating

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