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Ground Mixed Torrefacto Coffee

Ground Mixed Torrefacto Coffee

20% Torrefacto Sugar Roasted Beans

All Natural

$16.95 CF-03


  • The perfect mix of torrefacto beans
  • Create the coveted café con leche
  • Size - 1.1 lb/500 g

This ground coffee has the secret ingredient that produces the thicker, more flavorful brew that many of you crave. The intensity of the coffee is determined by the proportion of torrefacto beans in the mix. This bag is a moderate 20%. Every café and restaurant in Spain uses this type of specially roasted coffee and now you can too! This wonderful coffee is next to impossible to find in the U.S.

Pre-ground Torrefacto coffee is rarely imported into the United States, even though it is perhaps the premiere coffee roast in Spain. It is produced by a special roasting process that results in a remarkably robust, full-bodied cup of coffee, without a hint of bitterness. A portion of the quality raw coffee beans are coated with a fine mist of sugar before they are poured in the roaster with the other quality beans. If you have tried to recreate the wonderful café con leche you tasted in Madrid or Granada, your quest is over.


Arabica Coffee and sugar.

Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews

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Jim Sawyer - Double Oak, TX  5 Star Rating
"Best coffee available anywhere."

Lawrence Sanchez - Albuquerque, NM  3 Star Rating
"Flavor was weak."

Bill - Warminster, Pennsylvania  5 Star Rating
"Now all my children also have me order coffee from you. The only coffee I use. Family and friends really enjoy my "new found" coffee"

Carla M.  5 Star Rating
"Best coffee ever! "

glenn  5 Star Rating
"Great Coffee!"

Donna  5 Star Rating
"goes great with the holiday cookies!"

Robert Noles  5 Star Rating
"I'm a coffee person: Drink it daily (multiple times a day too), worked in the coffee business for a while, and learned to roast. One of my favorite things is to try coffee from around the world. I had never, to my knowledge, had torrefacto coffee before. I've read about it but this was my introduction. My order had just arrived and I set up to brew a cup in my usual manner. I looked at the dry ground coffee and the torrefacto beans were easy to spot - the dark pieces among the rest of the coffee. The coffee had a deep, rich aroma in the bag. Brewed up a little darker than my usual coffee, somewhat like the coffee and chicory found here in New Orleans, but not syrupy like that. The coffee has deep body and a great richness with muted acidity. I think I may have found a new favorite coffee to add to my daily brew. Already looking forward to my next order."

Diviana  5 Star Rating
"Da vino!!! "

A. Cameron  5 Star Rating
"I loved this coffee! It brought back so many fond memories of a 5 week study abroad trip (to Spain)I went on several years ago. This coffee has a wonderful flavor without a strong bitterness and therefore does not require as much sugar if you are like me and use 2+ Tbs to cut out the bitterness of coffee. Its slightly thicker texture also allowed me to only have to use milk instead of cream or half and half to make a creamy coffee drink. Less sugar + milk instead of cream = healthier for me and honestly even tastier than the regular coffees we drink in the U.S."

Marilyn Cardona  5 Star Rating

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